Of Red Moons and Blurry Stories

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last week was a crazy ride. I had drafts of supposed to be posts but they were lost in translation and are seem now too irrelevant. So here I am writing to keep my mind occupied of something. Some snippets of what happened:

- Hubby leaving for Singapore

- Our big boss coming to town

- I bumped Eli's head while bathing him (Sorry son! Mama loves you. Clumsiness aside.)

- I brought Eli to his pedia for a check-up (Still low weight gain from last month. I am still praying for Eli to love the bottle and end his hunger strike. Help me pray friends!)

- I made our baby boy eat his first solids (Brown rice plus milk! He loves eating yehey!)

- Went to the airport and flew to Singapore (ALONE)

- I was 'detained' at SG Immigration office (Apparently, I am a suspicious character. Like no surprises there! I was scared from my scalp to the ends of my toes. Pinoy movies can really make you paranoid. I was almost traumatized mind you. Why do these things keep happening to me? Maybe the answer is because I am good storyteller and God keeps throwing me great materials for my creative juices.)

- Singapore a blurr (I forgot my glasses. Fast walks to the train stations. Battle Star Galactica. Express elevator to The Sands Skypark. People walking really fast and with purpose. Everythings a blurr. I had four very painful callouses by the end of this trip.)

- We have NICE friends in Singapore (Thank YOU for feeding US!)

- I was a bit 'homesick' already by Sunday (I know this sounds OA. But traveling without your new baby is hard. I never thought I would be this yellow. I never knew I was capable of this much love - or obsession - for our little guy.)

- I was so happy to be back home

- Saw my family and extended relatives (Cousins are such great blessings from God.)

- Back to the office

Let me end this by pointing out that the moon is red tonight. I was so mesmerized by it. Our former maid once told me that if either the sky or the moon is red that means in another part of the world a war is happening. (We used to have really creative yayas. More creative yaya stories to come.) It would be silly of me to convince myself that everyone is at peace. Still, I hope and pray that people find peace in their hearts at the end of the day. Regardless of what color the moon is and what it brings, I strive to look past fear. Have a solemn Lenten week everyone.