For Sam

Friday, January 17, 2014


You know what if there's one person na lugi because I have not been blogging anymore... it's really Sam.


My always happy 2nd baby. This blog was started out of pure love slash obsession for our son Eli. I wanted an avenue where I can freely shout to the world how much that boy makes my heart melt.


And then I fell in love all over again when our "surprise" baby came into this world. And then life got so busy. And then I got lazy.


So lazy that I was content to just keep sharing my thoughts over facebook or instragram. But man! I'm missing out. Really the fact that I have not been recording my thoughts recently kinda makes me wish I can time travel and document everything right after they happened. Just because so many fun stuff happened last year. But yeah, I just became lazy.


But document now I will. There's me and hubby's 6th wedding anniversary. Sam's 1st birthday. So many wonderful ordinary days ought to be relieved and retold not for anyone else's benefit but just solely for me. Yes just me. (The cruel world does not care about the adventures of an ordinary mom but whatevs someday I know I will re-read my words with a smile.)


You see, another thing is I have not over expressed yet is my love to our baby daughter.

For Sam:

Hi anak. The moment I saw you I said to myself: Yes! May bago na akong best friend! Haha. You see your mom is a secret introvert. It's a secret since I'm loud so peope automatically assume that I make friends easy. On the contrary, I only have a few handful (really super great) people whom I consider true friends. They are the ones I truly trust. I don't have a big barkada or posse (or whatever you call them these days). 

So nung nakita kita alam ko na agad. Instantly sabi ko I've gained my lifelong bestfriend. You we're so cute with lips so lucious and red like a princess! You were the nicest baby. Motherhood is hard anak especially in beginning but you made the journey easy for me.

All you needed was to smell mommy, my milk, and you're a happy camper. Now, you just turned 1. You made life so happy for me, daddy, and your kuya. You can get a bit hard headed especially right before you go to sleep. Alam mo yun, papikit ka na and you will purposely shake yourself para mawala antok mo. Hay!

You have so many endearing qualities. Anyone who meets you immediately knows na you're a happy baby. You are very generous with your smile and laughter. Keep on growing lang baby. Never ever lose that spark. Never stop believing that this world is a paradise because whatever it is you decide to pursue we'll support you promise yan.

I love you Sam. I am so blessed to be your mommy.