The Birthday Party

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wow, this post will be fully loaded. Loaded with pictures that is! Haha.

I really want to make kwento and give you the full details but I don't want to bore you to death.

The gist: it was a rockstar-themed birthday party. Everybody was so game. Almost everyone came in his or her rockstar attire (well, at least a version of rockstar in their head). And in lieu of party hats we gave out bandanas to kids. We also tried to incorporate the musical rockstar theme into the lootbags (musical instruments), prizes (toy guitars) and adult prizes (rockstar-ish necklaces and guitar key chains). But before I get carried away mga ateh I will let the pictures do the talking.

Venue: Sala @ Centerstage KTV, Jupiter St., Makati

First let me introduce the birthday boy. Absolutely adorable!

Jeans: Mothercare
Inside black shirt: Mothercare
Red shirt: Random stall in Divi 168 (hee hee)
This is Eli's I'm-too-cute-for-words-look
He's getting tired of all the attention na.
This is during the start of the program palang ha.
Eventually he behaved himself naman.
This is what the placed looked like.

Party balloons courtesy of GL Balloons
Cost: P7.50/piece
The buffet.

Blue Petals Catering
10 stars to these guys. Waiters are polite and maasikaso.
Guests said the food was great.
Menu: Spareribs in oyster sauce, Chicken Rosemary,
Chilli Fish, Spaghetti Alfredo & Fruit Salad plus Iced Tea
(You won't believe how super affordable this caterer is!
I highly recommend them.)
My mama cooked her world famous laing.
My dad also gifted Eli with lechon.
Mang Pedro's flavored taho.

This taho station was also a hit among the guests.
Nestle booth. Medyo wowa looking right!?

K fine. Mukhang dugyot their booth but, but, but.
The kids loved ice cream. It certainly felt like overflowing.
Even adults actually liked this one.
Here are the rest of the details.

This is the prize table.
It's just a mixture of random toys.
Our magician host. Kuya Buboy.
Gift of my sister Cookie. :)
Candy Corner c/o Mama.
Hotdogs on stick thanks to Tita Remy.
Click Me Photobooth.
My sister Cookie and Kuya Keith's gift.
Kids with their bandanas. (Totally mommy's idea. I just love her to bits!)

Kyoot nila.

Again, my mama lovingly made this one.
Inside has atleast one toy na musical instrument
(either drum, tambourine, xylophone)
plus random candies hehe
My two biggest accomplices during the party planning stage.

Tita Ninang Cookie
Lola Mama
Cake from KitchenKraft.

Cake is a gift from my sis-in-law, Gengs
Group pika-tures!!!

My side of the family
My hubby's side
Hubby's parents also sponsored the 50liters beer (bonggels!)
My office mates from Thomson Reuters
And it wouldn't be a rockstar party if people didn't sing.

Twins Pat and Sam: Rolling in the Deep
Even little kids sang. Here is Maia singing Fireworks
Lovely couple Cy and Lia in their attempt to rap
Keith and Cookie doing Moves like Jagger
What the face!
Syempre we had to sing too. Haha.
Sofia, Eli's cousin blew us away with her Taylor Swift performance. (Galing super teh! Pang youtube sensation ang level.)

Back bend while singing
Performance level much to the delight of the crowd
There was a toy electric guitar as grand prize for the best rockstar of the night.

And the winner is ate Sofia!
Much deserved I should say.
Reactions that I love.

Kuya Jiggs smelling something funny
during the garter relay. Tee hee.
Ate Chin-Chin, laugh out loud!
What's so funny Sofia?
Kuya Buboy doing his thing.
Little Andrea's reaction is priceless!
Mukha silang happy. Yun lang.
Tito Jem made Eli's AVP.

Song was All Star and Melt With You
Kids: don't you just love them? :)

The only reason I am including this is because ang ganda ko dito (minsan lang itey). Yes let's make buhat our sariling banko! Haha. Me already!

Make up courtesy of JR (my office mate's friend)
Rockstar with smoky eyes ang peg
Kuha mo? :P
Eli also ate one of his handa. That's the strawberry flavored taho.

This is yummy mama? How come you're only feeding me now?!
Happiness overflowing. Super thankful.

You know who are. We love you and thanks for loving us back.

Happy birthday rockstar baby. Your parents are in awe of you. Forever. Everyday. Always.

Photos courtesy of Dale Sta. Rosa (Forever Framed Studio) and my brother Gian.

You can e-mail me or leave a comment in case you need info on my suppliers. I highly recommend them all.

My Head is Spinning Around

Friday, November 4, 2011

I am in two to three places at any given time lately.

There's my house.

There's work.

Then there's this.

Oh I want this party to be so epic!!! What better way to do that than give everyone the chance to shine in their own light? I'm going to give everyone the freedom to belt their lungs out. Hehe. It's a rockstar party yah'all! 

More importantly, I just want to celebrate the rockstar that is my son. Oh how I love him.

Now if only I can finalize the guestlist. Hee hee. Wish me luck! :D