Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Things I Love

Hi All!! *wave wave*

It's the return of the 30 day blog challenge! I blogged about why I wanted to start the challenge here. And here I blogged about what it was about July that stopped me from blogging for quite sometime.

So we are back to regular programming. I'm doing this again because I have this weird compulsion to always finish what I started. Plus one of my workmate friends has started the challenge too and I want to do it with her. Read and be mesmerized by her wit here.

My blog is titled The Things I Love. And by some luck, I will be starting with Day 14 which wants me to list down the things I love. Tee hee.

If you have visited this site a few times over the past couple of weeks I am sure you would know I pretty much love almost anything. (Read: mababaw ang kaligayahan)

In the interest of time and space I shall name the first few things that pop into my head right now.

1) Staycations (Vacations that are spent inside the hotel getting some Zzzzzzzzzsss)
We did just that last Saturday. MIL (mudrabells-in-law) rented one of the top floors in one of the newer hotels in Tagaytay: Summit Ridge Hotel. Some pictures below.

A view of their lobby

Sayang ang view. It was foggy all afternoon and the day after.

Is the bathroom Chuva worthy? Me thinks not yet.

This was the view from the elevator. 
That's the taal volcano there only it's blanketed by fog.

As all family vacations are never complete without a: Group Shot.

Here's Eli getting his green goo on (eating his veggies).

My MIL (the birthday girl), upon seeing her surprise 
very heavy carrot birthday cake.

A very cute shot of Eli with his tito ninong Pykes.

2) Smell of paper
I am weird like that. Paper = books. I love books. Read why I love 'em here.

3) My engagement and wedding ring

4) Movies
I get lost in them. I become most of characters I watch for ~45minutes after seeing the movie (to my husband's amusement).

5) My breastpump (Ameda Purely Yours)
I owe a lot to this baby! Withstood the wear and tear of being lugged everyday to the office. Tee hee.

6) My canon camera
Canon Digital  Digital 980 IS. It made even un-techy person like me able to take decent photos.

7) My boys' laughter
Gets me thru anything. Hearing them laugh reminds me all the time that life is so good.

Eli: Mom, I'm sleepy already. Why dya' wake me up for?!
Mom: For photo-op baby and we have to sing
"Happy Birthday" to your dad.

Eli: It's dad's birthday! How exciting!

Happy birthday daddy!!!

Oh, and that's one more thing I love. Celebrations. I love having them! =)

For Bee

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Note from me: Just because you do not need to read another emo-post I shall keep this fluffy-free.

Dearest JP,

I haven't gotten you a gift yet. Precisely because my gift would be “me” minus 30 lbs by December. :P I know I haven't gotten around to starting that yet. But just because it's your birthday and you are so very adorable I shall summon all the powers that be my willpower and finally do it. Diet. That is.

I hoped you enjoyed the “tex-mex” themed dinner party I hosted for your birthday (by tex-mex meaning: margarita plus nachos with ground beef and cheese hehe). I know it was simple. But getting you drunk was the best reward of all.

You are a great friend. And a husband. And a dad.

Please swallow your pride sometimes and ask for direction when we are lost.
I hope your dream to complete a marathon would come true with in the next twelve months.

And if people ask me why I love you I wouldn't know how to explain it. Except that Dory (of Pixar's: Finding Nemo), one of my most-est favorite characters of all time sums it best:

"I know it is, because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you, and I'm home."

With you I am home. All the time. No matter where on earth we are.

Ain't that grand?

From your soon to be sexy wife,

PS: Happy birthday. I know you are happy. You told me like bazillions of times already. =)

Crazy, Stupid, Love (Movie Rave-view)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am trying to shy away from doing movie reviews because I get the sense that for one to do it, one must be well... intelligent. I’m pretty sure I do not officially deserve that title yet. But this movie, I so want all my friends to see.

It may be one of THE best romantic comedies I have seen. I will not get into the details because I am no expert but here are some of the things I love about the movie:

a) It points out it's own clich├ęs (watch it and you'll understand) and the scenes are quite realistic
b) All the grandiose, sappy declaration of love (which ALL Star Cinema or Drew Barrymore movies have i.e. airport chases, declaring love in front of a crowd, musical scoring, etc...) are thwarted in this movie
c) Deeply painful and romantic moments are filled through silences, quiet moments and simple ordinary acts (a phone call, a private joke, long  simple personal conversations)
d) Ryan Gosling

I know I know I may have not convinced you yet but I really can't. I am not good at this. All I'm saying is watch it and you'll never regret it.

PS: Hubby, thanks for taking me on a movie date and for the Pepper Lunch dinner. I loved the movie. Loved the food. And I love the fact that the movie and food became extra fun because of your company.

Eli took a dip

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My two boys woke me up. One more excited than the other.

Daddy: Hey bee, it's Eli's first time to go swimming today. 

(Why we decided on a Wednesday, you ask? The swimming pool gets cleaned weekly every Tuesday.)

Me: I want to go back to sleep. Plus I have an early meeting today. Can we do it tomorrow?

Daddy: Look at us! 
(Both in their swimwear already wearing silly grins.)

So with that, I couldn't resist my two adorable boys in full swimming regalia. 
Folks, I present Eli's first dip in the pool.

Eli and daddy both very very excited to try the pool.

It's an empty pool today except for us.

Ate Conching "inspecting" the pool.
The overprotective yaya didn't want her alaga to swim.

A flower shot.
(Because one must always stop and smell the roses flowers.)

Daddy putting him in his salbabida (floaters).

That's Eli looking bored.
He never changed his expression all throughout.

Hay JP and I, were so happy. Pero si Eli N-R (no-reaction).

Here we are again (JP and me) looking excited as hell.
While Eli looking very bored (but very cute of course!)

One more family shot.

Daddy: How come Eli looks very bored?

Me: Yes, his expression looks like he is on a board meeting or something. Just going through the motions. =)

Daddy: We'll try again tomorrow.

Me: At least he didn't hate it.

(He wasn't crying or anything. But he wasn't jumping for joy either.)

There you have it friends. We shall see if we can swim again tomorrow. That is if the yaya permits.

What to do when you're sad

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello friends. My name is Love and I am one sad fella' tonight. Don't ask. It's work.

But I bounced back. Yey!

Here's the 30 minute therapy I did and now I got over it.

First, I drowned my sorrows in these.

My new favorite chocolate (take note I don't even like chocolates).
I wonder who makes this brand. They are the best! I tell you.
I love you Galaxy! (In my next lifetime, I'll marry you! Choz.)

Note to hubby: Please do not pop a vein. I did not finish the entire bag.
I only ate like 2 or 3. I lost count. :P

Then I looked my ever overflowing growing collection of Eli's baby pictures.

Look how tiny those feet are. Now they are stomping me!

This was during our joint birthday celebration.
He's two months. I'm 23 25 29. 

During one of our afternoon conversations. He is 10 weeks here.
I believe he was asking me not to return to work after
my maternity leave. Darn it, I shoulda' listened to my son. :P

Then I listened and sang along a silly song.

I took one long breath smelling Eli's baby skin.

Looked around me and realized that I am all okay.

Thank you Lord, for this life I am living now. Amen.

Life is a Marathon

"So blessed, I can't contain it! So much, I've got to give it away!
                  - excerpt from the song One Day, Hillsong 

So much has happened during my weekend but none has more meaning than when we did ANCOP Global Walk. What is it?

The ANCOP Global Walk is an annual fundraising event of CFC ANCOP which aims to raise awareness and funds for Couple's for Christ's work with the poor programs, namely Community Development and the Child Sponsorship Program. These programs are geared towards providing shelter, education, basic health care and livelihood to those living in extreme poverty. The Walk happened in various provinces and cities in the Philippines, as well as key cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. (source here)

Get to know more about ANCOP by clicking here.

I loved the event because:

a) Being able to help for a good cause is always a nice thing
b) Couples for Christ
c) Getting my fat ass out of bed as early as 4am teaches me the value of fortitude (I am and will always be a night owl) 
d) The event say "Walk" not "Run"

Here are some pictures last Sunday. I am already looking forward to next year.

That's me there looking pregnant because of my fat belly and bad posture 

Sea of people doing the 'warm up'

Husband's running number
(It's not obvious we're excited noh? Out of the thousands who registered
for the event we were the 144th and 145th! Hehe)

A cute dog who also joined the cause


People who took the 'short-cut' jejejeje

Why it took me that long? 
What I did was more like a leisurely walk (think namamasyal sa mall).
In the eyes of God I know what's important is I finished.
Because life is not a sprint. It's a marathon. :)

Here's the full lyrics of the song One Day by Hillsong. 

More than I could hope or dream of
You have poured Your favour on me
One day in the house of God is
Better than a thousand days in the world

So blessed, I can't contain it...
So much, I've got to give it away,
Your love taught me to live now...
You are more than enough for me.

Lord, You're more than enough for me
Lord, You're more than enough for me

(PS: If you do not know this song, please google it now and listen to it. I promise it will make your day lighter and brighter.)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

I find comfort in writing. When I am bored, when I am full of emotions, whenever I am happy I find myself putting written words on paper or in this case translating the thoughts on file.

And I believe anyone and everyone has a gift for writing. I haven't met anyone whose story is not interesting as mine. Sometimes I think instead of just telling me their story, I wish they could jot down their thoughts for eternity. It's like having a time capsule that is more detailed and raw.

As I prepare for today's blurry of activities I wanted to take 15 minutes to write down my thoughts in the quiet of our room without anyone or anything to distract me. I am glad because my heart is filled with gratitude. Even at moments I feel most discouraged I never forget to be thankful for every bits and pieces of my so-called ordinary life.

Over time, I have realized that I may not be the 'most' at everything. I can never please everyone. I may be judged. I may have judged some people wrongly. I may have put some people down. All of me, flaws and all I have come to accept. Who am I to give advice to anyone? But, I can definitely listen to my own self. And my heart is telling me it's all right not to be perfect.

It's okay not to be the best at everything. If I must fail, then I must fail quickly and recover quickly. It's okay not to be the perfect mom (or a wife, or a daughter, or sister or friend). It's okay to just learn lessons along the way. And while juggling all the roles I have to do, it's perfectly all right to prioritize myself every once in a while. It's not being selfish. It's not being indulgent. It's part of loving and accepting me.

I bring back all the glory to Him. In my journey to be better each day I am glad that I have the power of words to remind me that happiness is always a choice.

Alone in the Mall

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Because sharing is caring, let me tell you how my day went.

After an important thingy in the morning and a full afternoon nap I asked my husband if he would let me be alone in the mall today. I love my hubby and baby to bits but there are days like today when I want to roam freely, eat alone and just be by myself. Allow me to do a photo blog instead.

First, I had to make paalam (ask for for permission) to our dear baby. He uses this face each time I have to leave. Pinches the ventricles of my heart each time he does this.

Where are you going mama? Can I go with you please? (This is Eli's paawa-effect-look.)

Today I am going to 'the friendly' mall - Megamall! (I've mentioned several times my love-hate relayshunship with this place. Today, since it's a weekday it's love love love all the way! Hehehe.)

First, must go up to cyberzone to pay our cellphone bills.

Award ang drop lighting ng Cyberzone!

I think we belong to the first 50 post paid subcribers of SUN. Haha! I have a turbulent relationship with this network provider (Lousy customer service, poor signal, crappy internet service but cheap rates! What the hey! We managed to stick together for more than 7 years now I think. Kaya mag SUN ka narin. Haha.)

This was the frakkin' line to the cashier. Box office I tell you. The line ended outside the store.

Then, I just needed to eat. All I had for brunch was a small eggplant omelette (i.e. jortang talong) and a few butils (grains) of rice (yes butil talaga coz I'm on a diet). I passed by many tempting restos but in my heart I was solid to go to Almon Marina. We've been eating at this fuss free place since circa 2005. Everything is the same (including the uniform of the waiters). It is never packed and I always fear it might close down one day causing me pain. (So do me a favor will yah? When you are in Megamall one time, please eat at this place? Let's keep it afloat. Prices are reasonable. Waiters are polite. And the food is simple, balanced and yummy.)

This is their fuss free resto, with no fru-fru to distract you of the food experience.
I had roasted chicken with a side of herbed veggies and potato salad. Priced at P195.

Then I bought hubby 'pasalubong' here.

Bon Chon Chicken!

While waiting for my order I decided to stop by to the newly opened grocery in Mega A. I bought hubby's favorite: sausages.

Spankin' brand new grocery aisles.

Then, as I was passing by the escalator I saw a small mob of people. I thought it was Paris Hilton who was coming because I overhead one ate say. Yun pala it was Mara and Clara! Syet. Mas mukha pa silang dalaga sakin (they look more lady like than me). Demmet.

I was trying to get a shot but I feared for my life na maiipit sa mob, so all I had was a blurry shot of manong guard.

Went to Marks and Spencer trying to find Momi Gay (hubby's mom) a birthday gift.

Everything I had already seen before. Blah. So I didn't get anything.

Then the gates of Forever21 greeted me so I decided to stop by.

Well hello! The clothes for me here are okay lang. Nothing of shock value.
Bought this cuticles na ring. Wala pa ko pag gagamitan. Kyoot lang.
Bought this 'shushyaling' neckalace for Mommy Gay. I hope she likes it.

Passed by the department store and saw that the Home section is on sale.

Sale ba kamo?
I asked one saleslady: Ate, sale ba kayo? (Epal lang.)

Then to the beauty section, where I decided I will buy something for my sad pathetic skin. I am turning 30 next year (gasp!). I feel like I'm trapped in this weird state: I am caught in my tween years of blemishes and a much older person’s dry skin. I promised that I would take care of myself more. I have a son and I want him to be proud because he has a beautiful momma.

I am forever using Celeteque. Call it force of habit but I am very loyal to this brand.

Facial wash, toner and their anti-aging ek-ek
So I decided to get a few additional stuff.

Bought Likas Papaya and Apricot scrub (as per the advice of mommy fleur blog), got small Dove deo and face sunblock for our out of town trip next week

Then I saw this Korean stall and got these.

The stall is called TonyMoly. Weird name huh? Sa totoo lang nabaitan lang ako dun sa saleslady (I found the seller nice), that’s why I impulsively bought the products. Yes, friends I am a sucker for nice-ness.

I will feature a review of the TOMATOX after 2-3weeks to let you know how it went. (Clever name: Tomato + Detox = TOMATOX)

Then I got home and saw this smiling happy face. Love love love.

Mama, you came home agad!
I'm so happy you're here mama, I can scream!!!
Can we play now mama?
(Kyoot mo talaga anak!)

So there. Productive day for me, I think. I am now ready to rock and roll.

Care to share you beauty regimen to inspire me naman please?