Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Things I Love

Hi All!! *wave wave*

It's the return of the 30 day blog challenge! I blogged about why I wanted to start the challenge here. And here I blogged about what it was about July that stopped me from blogging for quite sometime.

So we are back to regular programming. I'm doing this again because I have this weird compulsion to always finish what I started. Plus one of my workmate friends has started the challenge too and I want to do it with her. Read and be mesmerized by her wit here.

My blog is titled The Things I Love. And by some luck, I will be starting with Day 14 which wants me to list down the things I love. Tee hee.

If you have visited this site a few times over the past couple of weeks I am sure you would know I pretty much love almost anything. (Read: mababaw ang kaligayahan)

In the interest of time and space I shall name the first few things that pop into my head right now.

1) Staycations (Vacations that are spent inside the hotel getting some Zzzzzzzzzsss)
We did just that last Saturday. MIL (mudrabells-in-law) rented one of the top floors in one of the newer hotels in Tagaytay: Summit Ridge Hotel. Some pictures below.

A view of their lobby

Sayang ang view. It was foggy all afternoon and the day after.

Is the bathroom Chuva worthy? Me thinks not yet.

This was the view from the elevator. 
That's the taal volcano there only it's blanketed by fog.

As all family vacations are never complete without a: Group Shot.

Here's Eli getting his green goo on (eating his veggies).

My MIL (the birthday girl), upon seeing her surprise 
very heavy carrot birthday cake.

A very cute shot of Eli with his tito ninong Pykes.

2) Smell of paper
I am weird like that. Paper = books. I love books. Read why I love 'em here.

3) My engagement and wedding ring

4) Movies
I get lost in them. I become most of characters I watch for ~45minutes after seeing the movie (to my husband's amusement).

5) My breastpump (Ameda Purely Yours)
I owe a lot to this baby! Withstood the wear and tear of being lugged everyday to the office. Tee hee.

6) My canon camera
Canon Digital  Digital 980 IS. It made even un-techy person like me able to take decent photos.

7) My boys' laughter
Gets me thru anything. Hearing them laugh reminds me all the time that life is so good.

Eli: Mom, I'm sleepy already. Why dya' wake me up for?!
Mom: For photo-op baby and we have to sing
"Happy Birthday" to your dad.

Eli: It's dad's birthday! How exciting!

Happy birthday daddy!!!

Oh, and that's one more thing I love. Celebrations. I love having them! =)


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