Eli took a dip

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My two boys woke me up. One more excited than the other.

Daddy: Hey bee, it's Eli's first time to go swimming today. 

(Why we decided on a Wednesday, you ask? The swimming pool gets cleaned weekly every Tuesday.)

Me: I want to go back to sleep. Plus I have an early meeting today. Can we do it tomorrow?

Daddy: Look at us! 
(Both in their swimwear already wearing silly grins.)

So with that, I couldn't resist my two adorable boys in full swimming regalia. 
Folks, I present Eli's first dip in the pool.

Eli and daddy both very very excited to try the pool.

It's an empty pool today except for us.

Ate Conching "inspecting" the pool.
The overprotective yaya didn't want her alaga to swim.

A flower shot.
(Because one must always stop and smell the roses flowers.)

Daddy putting him in his salbabida (floaters).

That's Eli looking bored.
He never changed his expression all throughout.

Hay JP and I, were so happy. Pero si Eli N-R (no-reaction).

Here we are again (JP and me) looking excited as hell.
While Eli looking very bored (but very cute of course!)

One more family shot.

Daddy: How come Eli looks very bored?

Me: Yes, his expression looks like he is on a board meeting or something. Just going through the motions. =)

Daddy: We'll try again tomorrow.

Me: At least he didn't hate it.

(He wasn't crying or anything. But he wasn't jumping for joy either.)

There you have it friends. We shall see if we can swim again tomorrow. That is if the yaya permits.


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