What to do when you're sad

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello friends. My name is Love and I am one sad fella' tonight. Don't ask. It's work.

But I bounced back. Yey!

Here's the 30 minute therapy I did and now I got over it.

First, I drowned my sorrows in these.

My new favorite chocolate (take note I don't even like chocolates).
I wonder who makes this brand. They are the best! I tell you.
I love you Galaxy! (In my next lifetime, I'll marry you! Choz.)

Note to hubby: Please do not pop a vein. I did not finish the entire bag.
I only ate like 2 or 3. I lost count. :P

Then I looked my ever overflowing growing collection of Eli's baby pictures.

Look how tiny those feet are. Now they are stomping me!

This was during our joint birthday celebration.
He's two months. I'm 23 25 29. 

During one of our afternoon conversations. He is 10 weeks here.
I believe he was asking me not to return to work after
my maternity leave. Darn it, I shoulda' listened to my son. :P

Then I listened and sang along a silly song.

I took one long breath smelling Eli's baby skin.

Looked around me and realized that I am all okay.

Thank you Lord, for this life I am living now. Amen.


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