Montemar Beach Club

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I've lost my blogging mojo. (Urgh. Sorry for the late 90s reference. If I had been more creative I might have thought of another way to describe what I'm going through instead of using an old cliche: Which. Further. Illustrates. The Point.) 

(Note: picture formatting will be a little weird. Please bear with me as I am only blogging using my phone. If I blog using my laptop, it would require me to sit upright which I am just. too. lazy. to. do.)

Anyhoo putting my ennui aside it's been a rather pleasant couple of months. What do you know it's almost half a year into 2014. Which brings us summer! 

Hot humid lazy days. I used to equate summer with books. Because as a student I couldn't indulge to read the books that I truly like during school season. Summer was when I would read almost a book a day till my head hurts like crazy. But I am mom now. I can't just sit inside my room depriving my kids of the glorious weather. 

The first destination this summer is Montemar Beach Club in Bagac, Bataan. I Initially wanted to go south meaning Batangas. But all the resorts that I liked were fully booked. All things considered, I think it was a lucky thing that we ended up here. Let me give the pros to you in a bullet-ed format since I'm too lazy to construct full sentences (see first paragraph why). 

- Road going to the resort was an easy drive (no rough roads)
- The beach was not crowded considering that it's peak season
- The sand was fine and did not hurt the feet (compared to some Laiya resorts I have been to)
- The resort was well maintained, clean, and the staff friendly 
- Another pro is that I couldn't really think of a con (haha!)

Ohbutwait, for those who are thinking of going here just be warned that bringing of food is not allowed. Mineral water is free and breakfast is already included when you pay for the accommodation. The rest have to be ordered through their kitchen. The meals cost around P200-400 per person. So budget will be a consideration if you plan to stay a bit longer. Plus there aren't really outside restaurants nearby so eating out might not be the best option too. 

So there, let me tell you about our stay through pictures. :D

Daddy and Sam tired after the trip

We requested 2 additional mattresses for the yayas

Our balcony view

Some pictures of the resort facade. I loved that there's so many greens and trees. Did that sentence make sense? Haha.

The beach. Oh the beach!

There are 3 pools at the resort. One was exclusive to the resort members (or what Jp and I call "the-haves" pool hehe). But we were more than happy already with the blue pool (otherwise known as "the have-nots pool :P). It was surrounded by trees which protected us from the sweltering sun as we swam. :)

Some collage of what the food/kitchen looks like.

Jp and I decided to have a few drinks by the beach. This is what the resort looks like at night.

Next day, there was mass celebrated at one of their function halls. It was one of the best homilies I have ever been to. Hats off to you father! :-)

This is afterall my blog. Hence, some family pictures.

See how clear the waters are:

My favorite picture of the entire quick vacation. Too adorable. :)

There, I almost didn't want to blog about this place as I want to keep it to myself. Haha! As if, that's possible (I am not even a member). Feeling. Seriously though, it's a good homey friendly place. Very ideal for family gatherings and nature-lovers. I'm already planning our return on January. This time with both of our extended families to celebrate our joint (Sam and myself) birthdays!

Hope you are having a great summer too. XOXO.

Montemar Beach Club Resort
Sitio Pasinay Brgy. Pag Asa Bagac, Bataan
Phone: (+632) 811-5496