Random Pictures Post

Friday, March 23, 2012

I have been staying at home after the operation. Because of that there's really nothing much to blog about. If I blog about my thoughts recently then this blog will be mighty boring. I just want to say that the weather of my heart is sunny sunny right now. My recent health scare has come to pass. I love my life really. And if there's anyone out there that I annoy I hope I can convert you to like me, eventually. Because I like "me" a whole lot.=)

Enough of that self love. So since I have been bored, I decided to pick pictures from my camera at random and show them to you.

My son just has the sweetest smile ever.
In the history. My life's history at least.
It melts all my stress away.

Elijah likes the floor now most days.
He likes lying on it. Playing on it.
When he's bored and he just needs to
get away from it all, he lies on the floor.
(He's not having a tantrum here.
In fact he was in a state of tranquility.)

Looky my, there were others who were trying to
get a picture with Jollibee and here we are
making singit all over the place.
See I am super happy here.
Just cause Jollibee is one of my happy place.

I was starstruck to meet Twirlie!
Eli couldn't care any less. Tee hee.

Scary snake at the Ark Avilon zoo.
Nagini is that you? Hisss...

My son the brave.
What you cannot see is his other hand.
He was stroking the snake with his other hand.

Completely hubby's idea.
What if we skewer the hotdogs using spaghetti noodles and the boil them?

End result: pink pasta that tastes like hotdogs.
I made a tomato cream sauce for this.

This is H teaching Elijah how to shoot.
He taught Eli the basics of dribbling a ball here.

Eli runing away!
This was after syang tamaan ng tatay nya ng bola sa ulo.
LOL. He was a good sport because he didn't cry (too much).

Mommy and Eli one weekend before going to a mall.
See I am still a little chubby but
I think I am just a few pounds away from my goal weight.
105 lbs, lets do this!

Daddy and Eli.

Eli demanding for his food at Max's Megamall.

He looks like he's just about ready to eat you.

Elijah and mommy again

I am excited for Eli to grow up and see his mommy blogging about him all the time.  That would just be the coolest.

Happy weekend.

Finally, Antilop High Chair from Ikea

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elijah has always been on the thin side. We had a hard time transitioning him from breast to the bottle. And now we are struggling to transition him from bottle to food. His pedia said that he can only drink milk twice a day.One in the morning and another before sleeping. And I'm thinking lagot, lalo nang papayat tong anak ko.

Thing is, aside from champorado (sweet chocolate porridge) he's not interested in food at all. Taking it from Mommy Fleur's blog, a high chair might be the answer to this dilemma. I know, I know, why buy Eli a high chair only now?

Initially, I thought wala syang masyadong use. And I was looking at the high chairs in the malls and my gulay wow, ang mahal! After much research (in other words, mommy blog reading), I saw that Antilop high chair from Ikea is the cheapest and most practical thing in the market.

For one, there's no cloth component you need to wash. Everything's made of plastic so wash, wipe, and sanitize and you are good to go.

It's not bulky, looks quite chic (considering it's only around P900+), and has that minimalist feel.

The down side is, there's no Ikea here in Manila. Here's where your lovely friends will help. The Harassed Mom (she's a good friend, hello dits!) from SG helped me on this.

Elijah tried on the high chair yesterday. I will let Elijah do the talking through pictures. =)

(Note: Sorry na sa gulo ng bahay namin. Parang binagyo right? Just look at the cute baby in the picture and ignore the kalat. K? K?)

Is this chair really mine momma?

Hmm.. let me inspect it...

Oooh! I like it!

Where's my food momma? I am hungry!

Really orange? Just orange?

Can you give me other food besides this?

Yehey! My favorite Loacker biscuits!


Munch , munch. Do you want some?

Ooops finished it already.

I think I like our purchase, for the price I think it's sulit. =)

Tales from the O.R.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I noticed a small lump and asked my hubby to check it. Hubby said, that's scary have the doctor check it. Doc said, whoah that's quite a strange bump lemme slice it off (note: not verbatim).

After a round of antibiotics (which my doc said was supposed to make it smaller -- it didn't), doc scheduled the operation.

Was I scared? Hmmm.. after having gone through C-section, I think no operation will scare me anymore. I was more scared of the anesthesia as I know it will make me all the more forgetful he he he (I call it momnesia).

I say prayers are always my defense against any negativity. And love.  Love from my family and friends. That's why I'm so tough. But actually I'm such a marshmallow. Anyway, forgive the disjointed thoughts. It must be the drugs still doing the talking now.

The Medical City staff were all efficient. Everyone means business. Hubby accompanied me, we took some silly pictures and they wheeled me inside. It was sooo cccoold! I asked the nurses why is the temperature like Antarctica and they said it has to be that way so that the machines will not develop any moisture. Who knew?

After my anesthesiologist gassed me so I will be put to sleep, I saw the light. Light from the OR table that is. After oblivion, I re-gained consciousnes. I was groggy and heard some people having conversation. I think I was high because I heard my doctor calling me a "hot mama". I know right! I must be delirious that's why. #imsexyandiknowit

What an adventure 2012 is turning out to be. It's only the 1st quarter and so many great things have happened already. Including this one. Why is this great you ask? I don't know too but I just choose to be grateful, that's why. Really thankful.

Here are the silly pictures.

Here's the waiting room

Here's me oily and chubby

That's my doctor over there. #stolenshot

Wala lang

Yehey, Sunday palang bukas. :)

Dance like no one is watching

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Believe it or not, I used to dance a lot all throughout my school days. Dancing was such a part of my yearly school activities.

I love the feeling of high (parang addict lang) just before the dance number. When you think you will blank out and that you have forgotten every step you practiced for two straight weeks and just when the first note of the song hits you, your body becomes alive and suddenly you find yourself moving without even thinking, without even willing, you just dance.

I think I performed while still hung over (it was friend's debut party the night before) during college. It was one of the best dance performances I did. I trained in UP too, dancing to cultural music. For a time there I thought iwawaksi ko all pop songs but then the call of Destiny's child and N'Synch was just too hard to resist.

Why am I saying all this? I was in a cab tonight and manong driver had on party music. It hit me: I miss dancing. Like getting lost in a song and forgetting that there are people other than you. I miss it, miss it, miss it.

Have I gotten old? Methinks, no one is ever too old for dancing. I have got to go out one of these days. Drown myself in music so loud that I will almost forget to breathe.

Dance so silly people will think I'm nuts. Dance until I my legs turn jelly. Dance until maging Hagadro Versoza ako (haggard!).

That's it. Friday na tomorrow. :D

Pinoy Chicken Curry

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello there! *wave*

Welcome once again to my recipe series. This weekend's dinner was chicken curry. This is the pinoy version (meaning a bit on the sweet side). I made it a little spicy using korean chilli powder and siling labuyo (Thai chilli).

The best curries I've had were the one's prepared by my friends from India. They are mighty hot and bursting with flavors. I love Indian food but I cannot eat them everyday just because my tastebuds are not so used to such rich flavors. Side story: one of the best Indian meal I've had was in Beijing. (Let me blog about that soon.)

This curry dish can be made using beef and fish too. Beef would just require longer boiling time whereas fish would take 2 -3 minutes boiling time only (use sole fish or cream dory).

My mama liked it so much, nag take-home pa sya. Hee hee. Super easy.

What you need:

vegetable oil for stir frying
4 medium size potatoes, peeled, sliced into 6 parts
1 kilo. chicken, cut into serving pieces
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 large onion, quartered
2-3 tbsp. patis (fish sauce) - depends on your saltiness threshold
6 tbsp. curry powder
salt, pepper, spanish paprika
1 cup water
1 red bell pepper, cut into big squares
1 green bell pepper, cut into big squares
   (I used red and green for added color)
3 celery stalks, cut into 1-1/2” long
1 cup coconut milk or evaporated milk
  (I used evaporated milk because hubby doesn't like gata -- he married a Bicolana for chrissake!)
 korean chilli powder and 3 pcs. siling labuyo (optional)

What you need to do:

1. Pan fry potatoes. Set aside.

2. In the same pan, fry chicken pieces and brown a little. I fried the chicken in batches to ensure all of them get equal frying oil action. tee hee

3. Add garlic and onion. Sauté for a few minutes until soft. (Tip: again if you are afraid to burn the garlic just put the onion and garlic in the pan at the same time)

4. Pour in patis and season with curry powder, salt, paprika and pepper. Stir for 2 minutes.

5. Add water until the chicken are covered. Bring to a boil. Lower the heat then add the veggies (celery, bell peppers and fried potatoes). Simmer for 3 - 5 minutes.

6. Add milk and stir occasionally. Since I used evaporated milk I was careful to keep on stirring so that the milk does not curdle. This will take additional 5 - 7 minutes.


Veggies after washing

Pan-fried potatoes

What lovely colors. This was before the milk was added.

Finished product.

Super easy right? :D Have a happy week ahead.

I ♥ Human Heart Nature

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I read somewhere that our bathroom shelf could be the most dangerous place in our household. That is because of all the toxic chemicals that might be present in the stuff we are using for our skin, hair and nails.

Hence, I resolved to go more organic this year. I admit I am not yet there. As you read in my post
here, majority of the product I use are still over the counter. I will try to finish all of them, and then moving forward not get lured by advertisement, or to pressures of nice salesladies so I could go organic all the way. :)

I initially thought that organic products would mean more cost. That is until I came across the website of
HumanHeart Nature. Now, I must say I am addicted. I have tested a few of their products here and there and I am more than happy with the results and the affordability.

They use only natural and organic ingredients to produce their products.

The company is a brainchild of Anna Meloto-Wilk, Dylan Wilk and Camille Meloto. They are the daughters of Gawad Kalinga Tony Meloto. In a way you are helping their advocacy too as this is also a social enterprise. They employ Gawad Kalinga residents.

I strongly recommend their baby shampoo and body wash (the Tangerine flavor smells so great on my baby's skin). Another great product (which is getting rave reviews) is their Sunflower seed oil. Their moisturizers are light but I must admit needs a bit of reinforcement from my usual night and day cream (my skin is really, really dry).

During weekends I love to pamper my hair using avocado hair mask. Minty and super relaxing. A cheap, alternative way to pamper yourself rather than going to the salon. I have only started using their shampoo and conditioner last week so I do not have any opinion on that yet. Do try their feminine wash, guaranteed that it will not irritate even those with the most sensitive skin. Their tinted lip balm is also very good!

I think with all the toxic scare looming everywhere, it's good to be picky with the products we buy. And more importantly, the best products out there don’t have to be the most expensive. Sometimes all it takes is a little research. :)

In the next few weeks, hubby and I plan to go on a little trip to
Ilog Maria in Tagaytay that sells organic stuff from honeybees. I will update you in that one too.

(You can buy them from the website, Shopwise, and distributors. My friend Kate is one. Hi mare!)

Some products of Human Heart Nature in my shelf now. There were some na I was not able to take a picture anymore because it's in my son's kikoy kit which I got tamad kuhanin. Hehe. Trust me though when I say, I am one very satisfied user. :)

I Cheated at Conti's

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So two Saturdays ago, around late afternoon it was confirmed that I am now officially 48lbs. lighter!

Really? 48 lbs.? That is like another little person already. So I was like walking around town carrying another person. (If you have seen the movie
Shutter, it's a scary thought. Creeps. Afraidy Aguilar!)

I managed to coerce convince my husband that I deserve a cheat day! Now if you know
Cohen diet this is a major NO-NO. The diet is so strict and severe. Plus we were on our way to a party. But hey, I gotta celebrate a little! And if you're going to cheat might as well make it worth it right?

The only way I managed to convice H was when I told him he can get his uber favorite Conti's polvoron.

Polvoron? Yes. That's one of the reasons I love him. Mababaw sya just like me.=)

All I can say is. I cheated (sa diet ko ha) and it was worth it.

Lemme show yah.

 How cute is this baby boy?
Outfit credits: Snoopy shirt, hair courtesy of daddy.

Hubby and Elijah.

I am not really a fan of apple pies but they had posters like this
all over the place so I decided to give it a try.

This is the sole reason why the H allowed me to cheat.

The contents was for daddy. The box was for the boy.

The mommy and cute boy.

Ate Conching's order: Deluxe club sandwich.

Dad's order. I suggested for him to try this.
Italian Pasta Supreme is love.

Hi, baked salmon. I love you.

The Apple Crumble Pie. Not bad.
If you ask me, nothing beats the humble Buco Pie though.

Then we went to a Jollibee kiddie party right after. And that's another story.

Spicy Chilli Con Carne Recipe (Ole!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Now that I am slowly returning to the kitchen, I promise to blog at least one recipe per week.

Cooking is fun! Writing about it is equally fun. =)

My husband requested out of the blue one day that he wanted Nachos "with everything on it" salsa. And another requirement was that is has to be suuuuper spicy!

The full name of this recipe is actually:

O diba parang horror movie lang. Tee hee. It was my husband who gave that name after he tasted how spicy it was. This chilli beef is so versatile too. You can use it as toppings for nachos, chilli dogs, or even as ulam over hot rice.

What you need:

1/4 kilo lean ground australian beef
1 big green or red bell pepper
1 medium sized white onion (chopped)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 can diced tomato
Salt, pepper, olive oil
1 lady fingers chilli
Herbs: Spanish paprika, cumin, sage, taragon
3 kinds of chilli powder: spanish, kashmiri (indian) and korean chilli

What you need to do:

1) Pour generous amount of good olive oil, when it's already hot put the chilli powers (measurement will depend on your preference or how adventurous your are), let it stay for about 10-15 seconds

2) Saute garlic and onions on the chilli oil (so as not to burn the garlic, I put the onion and garlic at the same time), until golden brown

3) Put the beef into the pan and incorporate well, put salt and pepper

4) Once the beef is no loger pinkish, put the chopped bell peppers, lady fingers and the herbs (put generous amount of cumin as this is really your background flavor). Note: Your entire house will now start smelling like a Mexican fiesta

5) Pour the 1 can of diced tomato plus about 1/4 cup of water. Let this boil and wait until all the water has evaporated

6) Add a few sprinkle of sugar (sugar is my "vetsin"), adjust the taste to your liking

For the nachos: arrange the nachos on the plate, pour the chilli beef, put chopped tomatoes, white onion, lettuce and gratted cheese.

For chilli dog: steam the sausage (works best with hungarian or spicy italian sausages), put this on the bread, pour in the chilli beef and grated cheese on top. Serve hot.


Nachos with everthing on it

Kulang nalang margarita. =)

Semi-charmed Life

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Most blogs they say is edited. This blog admitedly is one of them. I say edited because I try to veer away from blogging when I am extremely sad or my heart has full of 'inis'. Whose life is perfect anyway? However, I just feel that there's so much of negativity in the world and you don't need another person documenting that.

You can also say that I like to keep and remember happy thoughts more than the sad ones. And my own little blog is mine completely.

Life. I am so into life at the moment. And the stars. The stars are lining up for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so easy to please me because in my heart my dreams are made of simple dreams. And I am not saying my dream or life is better than yours. Understand please that this is me. Utterly different than you. But we all have our place under the sky.

Anyway, let me tell you that I have a lovely team. Whom I spent a weekend of adventure with.

And that I have a loving, real, simple family. Whom I spent simple weekend with also.

Thank you Lord, for placing such happy dreams in heart.

So live a life that is your dream. No one is stoping you. Here's me wishing that you will always have the courage to listen to your heart.

My last thoughts tonight before sleeping was courtesy of my wise tita: "Some things in life are mere outcomes of the right decision at the right time but always with the guidance of the God."

That said everything.

Have a great week ahead.