Tales from the O.R.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I noticed a small lump and asked my hubby to check it. Hubby said, that's scary have the doctor check it. Doc said, whoah that's quite a strange bump lemme slice it off (note: not verbatim).

After a round of antibiotics (which my doc said was supposed to make it smaller -- it didn't), doc scheduled the operation.

Was I scared? Hmmm.. after having gone through C-section, I think no operation will scare me anymore. I was more scared of the anesthesia as I know it will make me all the more forgetful he he he (I call it momnesia).

I say prayers are always my defense against any negativity. And love.  Love from my family and friends. That's why I'm so tough. But actually I'm such a marshmallow. Anyway, forgive the disjointed thoughts. It must be the drugs still doing the talking now.

The Medical City staff were all efficient. Everyone means business. Hubby accompanied me, we took some silly pictures and they wheeled me inside. It was sooo cccoold! I asked the nurses why is the temperature like Antarctica and they said it has to be that way so that the machines will not develop any moisture. Who knew?

After my anesthesiologist gassed me so I will be put to sleep, I saw the light. Light from the OR table that is. After oblivion, I re-gained consciousnes. I was groggy and heard some people having conversation. I think I was high because I heard my doctor calling me a "hot mama". I know right! I must be delirious that's why. #imsexyandiknowit

What an adventure 2012 is turning out to be. It's only the 1st quarter and so many great things have happened already. Including this one. Why is this great you ask? I don't know too but I just choose to be grateful, that's why. Really thankful.

Here are the silly pictures.

Here's the waiting room

Here's me oily and chubby

That's my doctor over there. #stolenshot

Wala lang

Yehey, Sunday palang bukas. :)


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