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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Most blogs they say is edited. This blog admitedly is one of them. I say edited because I try to veer away from blogging when I am extremely sad or my heart has full of 'inis'. Whose life is perfect anyway? However, I just feel that there's so much of negativity in the world and you don't need another person documenting that.

You can also say that I like to keep and remember happy thoughts more than the sad ones. And my own little blog is mine completely.

Life. I am so into life at the moment. And the stars. The stars are lining up for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so easy to please me because in my heart my dreams are made of simple dreams. And I am not saying my dream or life is better than yours. Understand please that this is me. Utterly different than you. But we all have our place under the sky.

Anyway, let me tell you that I have a lovely team. Whom I spent a weekend of adventure with.

And that I have a loving, real, simple family. Whom I spent simple weekend with also.

Thank you Lord, for placing such happy dreams in heart.

So live a life that is your dream. No one is stoping you. Here's me wishing that you will always have the courage to listen to your heart.

My last thoughts tonight before sleeping was courtesy of my wise tita: "Some things in life are mere outcomes of the right decision at the right time but always with the guidance of the God."

That said everything.

Have a great week ahead.


Maria said...

hello dear! If you have time, please do join my birthday giveaway. Hoping to see you there!

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