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Friday, March 23, 2012

I have been staying at home after the operation. Because of that there's really nothing much to blog about. If I blog about my thoughts recently then this blog will be mighty boring. I just want to say that the weather of my heart is sunny sunny right now. My recent health scare has come to pass. I love my life really. And if there's anyone out there that I annoy I hope I can convert you to like me, eventually. Because I like "me" a whole lot.=)

Enough of that self love. So since I have been bored, I decided to pick pictures from my camera at random and show them to you.

My son just has the sweetest smile ever.
In the history. My life's history at least.
It melts all my stress away.

Elijah likes the floor now most days.
He likes lying on it. Playing on it.
When he's bored and he just needs to
get away from it all, he lies on the floor.
(He's not having a tantrum here.
In fact he was in a state of tranquility.)

Looky my, there were others who were trying to
get a picture with Jollibee and here we are
making singit all over the place.
See I am super happy here.
Just cause Jollibee is one of my happy place.

I was starstruck to meet Twirlie!
Eli couldn't care any less. Tee hee.

Scary snake at the Ark Avilon zoo.
Nagini is that you? Hisss...

My son the brave.
What you cannot see is his other hand.
He was stroking the snake with his other hand.

Completely hubby's idea.
What if we skewer the hotdogs using spaghetti noodles and the boil them?

End result: pink pasta that tastes like hotdogs.
I made a tomato cream sauce for this.

This is H teaching Elijah how to shoot.
He taught Eli the basics of dribbling a ball here.

Eli runing away!
This was after syang tamaan ng tatay nya ng bola sa ulo.
LOL. He was a good sport because he didn't cry (too much).

Mommy and Eli one weekend before going to a mall.
See I am still a little chubby but
I think I am just a few pounds away from my goal weight.
105 lbs, lets do this!

Daddy and Eli.

Eli demanding for his food at Max's Megamall.

He looks like he's just about ready to eat you.

Elijah and mommy again

I am excited for Eli to grow up and see his mommy blogging about him all the time.  That would just be the coolest.

Happy weekend.


avagabondmom said...

i'm so happy for you, dits! I hope you get well soon. :)

Ro said...

Lovely! I love you happy people. :) Miss you, Love!

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