Basketball through Eli's eyes

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hi! My name is Elijah! *Wave* I am momma's guest blogger. She wants me to tell the story myself.

You can call me Eli for short. Almost everyone calls me that. Although some people call me bunbin, bubouy, Elibuboy. I don't know why I have so many names but they are all adorable names so I accept. Anyway, I recently discovered that I love basketball. I love it so much that I spent all Friday afternoon playing with my old ball toy. My yaya Conching, told this to my mama, who told my dad. My dad was overjoyed by this development so yesterday he took me to Megamall and bought me not one but two basketballs! I too was overjoyed I tell you!

This morning, daddy took me to the basketball court and it was fun. Let me show you what happened.

First dad and I went for a little jog around the court. I love my dad very much. My mama is the one taking the pictures and love her too!

The moment I stepped into that green court, my my my! I was soooo happy!

This is the small basketball daddy bought me. I played with it a little.

Then I lost interest. I want to join those adult looking guys about to play basketball and play ball adult style! So goodbye little ball.

Dad said, before you join them you must first learn how to dribble.

Then learn "defense".

Dad is an awesome teacher but he dragged me out of the court just when the game was about to start. He said the players might step on me! How can they do that when I am part of the team!?

But, being the good boy that I am I followed my dad and stayed sa gilid. I watched them play a bit.

Then I played with my own "adult" blue ball.

I also did an inspection of the court equipments.

And climbed through things which my mom calls "dirty".

Then, mama said it's time to go home.

So that's my story for now. I will visit mom's blog again once something new happens. Hopefully I can join my first basketball game this summer. Thanks for reading my entry and God bless you. See you! Thanks bye!


Kristen said...

ang saya dits noh pag naglalakad na sila? hehe and the fun begins!

earthgirl said...

Dits, my next post will feature your blog. Wait for it tomorrow! =)

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