Of Day Dreams and Changes

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let me start by saying that I love my life now more than ever.

I am on my way to getting healthier. (What? Loosing almost 50 lbs. in the last 4 months is a HUGE accomplishment.)

My son is our absolute pure joy. Everyday really becomes like a fun trip to the amusement park with him around.

My relationship with my husband is stronger than ever. We laugh every 5 minutes we're together. I mean that's a good sign right? We dedicate time not just for our own little family but also for the two of us. Two of us alone together. Feels like high school each time. I love him to bits.

Okay, so the ranting will start now. I am feeling a certain kind of discontent. Like my life is too safe and that I should start shaking things a bit. 

Maybe because I've been on house arrest for the past two days (I've been sick) that's why these thoughts creep up. But shake it up we shall. See, I am planning to enroll in a new class again (more on that later). Considering some heavy decisions that will drastically change our daily routine. And, might be pursuing a lifelong career-altering decision soon.

This is a good kind of discontent because it is borne out of gratitude. That my life is just about far too nice right now. And I think our life is not meant to be that way for too long. The world is far too big. Possibilities are far too endless and our circle of influence could be a lot bigger if only we allow it to. Hence, I am praying now quite more strongly everyday that I do not become too comfortable so we can pursue our planned changes as a family.

Wow. That was a mouthful. Now to share something light. I went to Beijing. The land of quiet contentedness. People going about their daily lives and it feels like everyone knows their purpose and they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Made me realize I am too different from them. This doesn't mean that I didn't love the city. I loved that I got to experience that foreign land alone for a work assignment. I loved that the moment my husband stepped into the city it suddenly felt like home. (If only he brought Eli with him and we might have never returned. Haha. Not really.)

Some side stories:

- Got harassed by some locals at Tiananmen Square (will not go into the details, but for all you know that event might have prevented us from encountering an even bigger problem, so what gives I'm still happy).

- Must learn to speak Mandarin and I will be unstoppable!

- It can get pretty lonely when you are an only child. Well almost everyone is an only child there.

- Chinese taxi drivers could be mean sometimes. (Pinoy taxi drivers are even meaner sometimes too.) However 70% of them are actually quite nice.

- Our version of "Chinese food" is different from the ones I tasted in Beijing.

- Peking duck is oily.

- Hey, I'm not too bad with directions after all?

- I know, where are the pictures right? Sorry just got lazy. Do expect that on another post.

- I'm glad Philippines is a tropical country. And that I live here. Yun lang poe.

Happy Friday na tomorrow. Winner. Ever. :D



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