A break from blogging

Monday, February 20, 2012

You can say that I almost took a break from blogging. The gaps in between posts used to be two days, then it turned into a week and then almost a month without any posts.

No tears shed there from my two loyal readers (*waves to husband and sister*) but dare I say it was me who missed sharing my nonsensical thoughts. You see, I always believed that a blog is more for the writer than the reader.

The need to get your thoughts out there has been made like quite of a need already. So imagine me two weeks in China alone without Facebook, YouTube, blogger, twitter and the likes. They are all blocked. Then I had to turn to old school free form writing. As in with ink. As in on paper. Sorry trees!

I have always been a thinker. And these thoughts I never would want to compile just inside my brain. I just had to verbalize or at least see them through another form. Hence all these pseudo diaries I kept all throughout my elementary, high school until college days. Mother nature wanted to spare me of the embarrassment so she sent Ondoy that turned all of them into paper mache at my parents home.

It's not that I'm writing as a form of release but by seeing my thoughts on written form I get the sense of my true state of id. Not everyone would be comfortable to be this open but I have always been this way. What you see, hear and read is me.

All these introduction is just to let you know that a part of me longed I could write and share more. But the events leading up to this day has been really, really hectic. And I'm glad I took some time off today. There's so many things I would like to share but the thoughts are still out there swirling to one big mush. I will try to extract them one by one so I can share more.

Again, sharing just because I like it.


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