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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh ha, title palang parang alam na alam nyo na. Yes folks, I'm 30 and I don't even know how to put on make-up. Thank you. On very few occassions na I need make up: i.e. Santacruzan, J-S Prom, Oscars (!?), Nobel Peace prize ceremonies (choz), etc. all I do is go to the salon and let the experts do it. Matagal ko nang tinanggap na hindi parte ng aking "core competencies" ang make-up application. Hehe.

Anyway I also have ADHD when it comes to the products I use. I like to always change them up. Try new brands. Nothing high-end as you know I'm such a kuripot (stingy) mommy. I use mostly "drugstore" brands and Watson's is like my favorite place ever. I also bought some products because I am nahiya tumanggi to the saleslady. Madali akong ma-pressure ng salespeople. Alam na!

  Anyways, here goes my super basic 15-minute daily routine.

1) Step one: cleanse body and face
Summer's Ever fem wash, Pure Beauty facial wash,
Safeguard, Asian Secrets LurLur Scrub,
Ponds facial wash (I like any variety of Ponds facial wash)

2) Step two: clean and condition hair
Bakit kamo ganyan kadami e ang nipis naman ng hair ko?
A wise person once told me that you should never stick
to one shampoo for too long. Your hair gets bored and become limp.
May sense naman diba? Haha.
Ayan so combination yan ng Loreal (I love), Sunsilk,
Rejoice, and Dove
I change shampoo depending on my mood. :)

3) Step three: deodorize :)
Ayan pati sa aking kili-kili I also like variety.
Milcu - if I am just stayin in the house.
Safeguard - for my super active days.
Dove Go Fresh - during normal days.

 4) Step four: moisturize body
For everyday use it's Vaseline (bec it has spf).
During days na super ma-mi-miss ko si Eli I use his Avon lotion.
For super dry skin days Cocoa butter.
For night use, classic J&J pink lotion. Very light.
The SeriAsia lotion is slimming lotion. Only used it twice so far. Haha.

4) Step four: moisturize fez
Tomatox: I use it twice a week at night.
There's Pond's Gold radiance for eyes (day use).
Olay for day and night.
And I have a Neutrogena gift from cousin-in-law Lia.
Estee Lauder Advance Night repair eye cream. Favorite ko to so far.

5) Step five: literal na "no make-up" make-up
Eyelash curler. I think this is Fanny Serrano.
Di ko pa nabibili yung Sheu Eumura which I said I wanted here.
Two kinds of mascara: cat-eyes Maybelline and Estee Lauder.
Two kinds of eyeliner: Nichido kohl and Estee Lauder.
Two kinds of BB cream: Tony Molly and Maybelline.
The best sunblock for the face I've tried so far: Belo. (Cheap too.)
Two kinds of undereye concealer: Garnier and Estee Lauder.
Bakit two kinds palagi? I like to alternate use, I don't know why. :P

6) Step six: "scent"-sitize 
JLo Glow, Hayden Orchid & Violet, Lanvin Eclat
Hand cologne: Baby Company Green cologne with VCO
(I want my hands to smell good all the time. I have this OCD
of smelling my hands every 15 minutes. Weird!)

 7) Step six: bring some "bag weights" (read: pampabigat lang ng bag)
Shisheido face powder
(Tip: just buy the re-fill which is about 50% cheaper than those na
nakalagay sa compact case nila. Then just buy a lalagyan. Like what I did.)
Vaseline hand cream.
Two kinds of lipstick: one light pink and another in lighter pink.
Maybelline watershine lipsticks.
Two kinds of lip balm: trusty chapstick and Vaseline lip therapy.

There as you can obviously see, I am a bit of a loser but I wouldn't want it any other way. I like to keep it realy simple because everyday I only have really 15 minutes to get ready. There are days when I only have two minutes and these are the days when you don't want to cross paths with me kasi nakakatakot talaga my fez! Haha. Mukhang galing sa away ang peg! LOL.

Although, this year I promised my hubby that I will try to be more vain. Kaso when I see na expensive some of the products that stoke my interest I tend to run away and just end up buying a book. Classic. Tee hee.

Other products I also use but currently just ran out of is Human Heart Nature organic products. I have to make a separate post for that.

Ciao! Happy weekend.



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