Food, food, food (Part 1)

Friday, September 30, 2011

In 7 days time, I will going through 2 - 3 months of very (super to the maximum level) strict food diet plan. The diet plan didn't come cheap and this is already my husband's Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday and 2012 Valentines gift to me. 

The goal is for me to loose 60 lbs. Can you imagine that? 60lbs? That's already another person. If I were to send my fats to school she would be in grade 3 or a very skinny grade 5. Haha. Shame. Shame.

So before torture starts I did what any sane person would do. 

Pig out. 


Call it maybe coincidence or just pure luck. The universe knows of my plight in a weeks time that's why the past 2 weeks were just filled with occasions filled with just so much food. I am doing this now to remind myself during the times when will I feel most deprived (because of my diet)... that I used to have it good (food-wise). I didn't only have it good, in fact I had abundance (too much actually, case in point my bloated self).

See for yourself.

Mary Grace Menu

The centerpiece says:
"The only safe way to destroy an enemy
is to make him your friend."

Interiors: dainty

My date: through a glass wall

My order: Beef tapa (Price: ~220)
So-so. Honestly Mary Grace, there's a tapsi house
at our kanto that sells tapsilog for P40 and theirs taste better.
I just think this one is overpriced based on the quality.

Hubby's: Fussili in aglio olio with chorizo (Price: ~230)
Again, nothing mind blowing.
I can cook this.

Hot white chocolate (Price: P95)
This is the only one that I liked very much.

Grilled ensaymada (Price:~P70)
Owkay kang din. 'Di naman sila nagkakalayo ng Red Ribbon.

My date
Place: Italianni's

Here's me looking weird.
I was sick during this time.
I had severe chest pains and was on SL for two days.

Four cheese pizza.
I like my pizza simple. No frills.

Hubby's fave. Meatball spaghetti.

Double porkchops something

Another shot
 Note: I forgot all the prizes for Italianni's. But I just know it's expensive (for me). If you ask me next time I will just dine in Volare or Bellini's when I'm craving for Italian food. Same authentic flavor at half the prize.

Our favorite drinks.
Mine: Mint choco java chip frapp (which he hates)
His: Green tea frapp (which na uumay ako)

See the name, it says "Anna"
Anna is my Starbucks name. 
They never get it right whenever I tell them it's for Love.
One branch called me "Dove" and another "Jove"

More to follow. There's Serenitea, Lutong Macau, an unknown Korean resto, Sweet Pea, Charlie's Grind and Grill, buffets, Dampa Seaside etc. etc.

My I have been pigging out! WTF.

Resorts World Manila First Timer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The hubby and I being the loosers loners homebuddies that we are have never been to Resorts World Manila. Well, yesterday that changed. Because I won in my company's "Appreciating You Day" contest. What was the contest about? All I did was to write an electronic thank you to someone. Then best thank you messages were selected. Winners get 2 tickets to Newport Cinema. Last Saturday, the premier cinema was reserved just for Thomson Reuters employees.

 I wrote my team each, a heartfelt thank you note. Just one liners. Apparently the judges liked brevity because out of the two thousand entries 10 got chosen including mine. I was just a runner up but who cares? (Even Shamcey who is so ultra fabulous was just a runner up. Tee hee. #feelingeraako)

I tried not to take too many pictures because I do not want them to think that I'm a stalker or something. As you know I am a pretty suspicious character. I don't know what's with me. Maybe it's because of my evil laugh or the grenade launcher that I carry all the time. Pero eversince elementary if there was something funny or rowdy that's going on my teachers always suspects  that I'm the pasimuno (mastermind). Carry bells, I survived. Sniff.

So, okay I entered the mall and this is what greeted me. Hello Casino! Walk with me...

Why, hello Bvlgari! I was supposed to shop
inside but I left my cash inside our money vault. Choz.
Casino, lumayu ka sakin.

Loving the cathedral effect.

I loved this open-air effect inside the mall.
Reminds me of Macau.

Quick stop-over to buy a lip balm and
cheek tint (that was recommended by an office-mate)

If I had lots of money, I will not spend it in the Casino.
Instead, I will buy almost everything that The Travel Club
sells and actually travel. I know this will happen soon!!!

Because I have low EQ and couldn't wait for the unlimited popcorn.
I coerced my hubby to buy me these sinful fries and
evil Oreo McFlurry. I will miss these two when I
go on diet starting October. Huhuhuhu.

No, this was not the movie that we watched.
I took a picture, and I was supposed to make fun of it.
But since it's a Sunday and I don't want to be called a hater --
I am keeping my mouth shut. Haha. :P

Thank you Thomson Reuters!
Each tickets costs P500 a piece. Winner!

Relax na relax ang lolo mo.
Super commmmfffy seats. I wanted to take the seats home with me.
The seats can be reclined much further.
I was in lazy boy heaven.

We ate at Mr Kurosawa restaurant. It's a Euro-Japanese fusion restaurant. I have problems with fusion restaurants in general because I just really want my food simple. I do not want my food to be achieving too many things. Life is already complicated as it is so don't bring it to my food. However, since I was craving for Salmon sushi and there were no other Jap restos we settled for Mr Kurosawa.

Overall, taste and service was okay. I wasn't blown away though. The menu (as expected because it is a hip fusion resto) was too complicated and heavy. Literally! Ang bigat teh, para akong nag bench press by the time I decided what my order would be. 

My date

Syet. I'm wearing the same dress I had on this entry.
Meron akong ibang damit promise! Nagkataon lang, hehe.
Uma-angle para di masyadong double chin! haha

Very heavy menu (around 10lbs. ata)

Appetizer: Salmon sushi. Price: ~P288
Yummy and fresh.

Wagyu Ramen: Prize: ~P400
Beef yummy. Soup normal miso lang.

Beef curry rice. Price ~P200
No comment. Medyo forgettable.

Krunchy Tuna Maki: I forgot the price
This is the winning dish. Love love loveeet!

I would suggest to go to this resto just to try this dish.

Movie (Johnny English): 1/5
Movie Experience: 5/5
Food (Mr Kurosawa): 4/5
Overall experience: 10 stars!

I will come back, probably with the rest of my family.

Side story: TR, since they are very thoughtful gave us pa gift at the end of the movie. I opened the paper bag and I was so happy when I peeked inside. I didn't take a picture na because you might be inggit (jealous). It was fabulous. So thank you again TR! I hope to win again. Hee hee.

I'm glad I did this: 30 day blog challenge

Saturday, September 24, 2011

 There was a big gap in the middle of the challenge because life got in the way. My friend Ro, was the turning point that got me started writing again.

In the middle of it all I started feeling the whole thing was corny. Haha. Now that it’s over I’m glad, I didn't stop and completed the whole thing.

There were blah entries but like ice cream flavors some entries stood out and became my favorites. Below are the links to the top 7 posts that I liked best.

A recent picture and 15 facts about you: I liked how random the facts were and I'm pretty sure 10 years from now all of the things I wrote down would still be applicable to me.

Something you want to buy: I haven't bought (yet) any of the things I wrote here.

Your celebrity crush: Because I got to call the Twilight boys sissies.

A fun memory: I recalled one of our mall dates watching the end of an era (for me) -- Harry Potter, the last movie installment.

A hobby of yours: Because here I got to make yabang (brag) my cooking skills.

Your current relationship: My attempt to document our simple, down to earth, homey relationship. (This one got included in the Wifely Steps blog carnival. Yay! Proud.)

Hopes, dreams and plans for the future: Here's where I declared that I want to be a full time mom in the very near future. (I think because I threw that wish to the universe, slowly things are lining up for me. This might, in fact become a reality really soon.)

What to post now? Well believe me I have thousands of ideas lined up.

The coming weeks and months are pretty exciting times for me and my family. Right now, “What A Wonderful World” is playing while I type this.

And well, I really do think my life is extra wonderful right now.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 30

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hopes, dreams and plans for the future
Here's my dream summarized in 51 seconds:

Yes, my dream is to simply become a full time mom. My mommy did it. Both my grammas did it. My mother in law did it. My MIL's mother did it.

They are pretty strong intelligent women and they found their ultimate purpose and fullfillment... at home.

At the end of my life I will look back and ask this question: How much have I loved? Which is why I do intend to follow my homing instincs and be with my child as he grows up.

How that will happen I still don't know. The details will come to me soon. Because I am praying. Because I am hoping and dreaming. For the planning part that requires both my talent(s) and logic. The answers will come to me you'll see.

For now I will just have to love my family using every bit of the time left that I have. Using every bit of creativity I have. And at the end of the day (and during weekends) every bit of strength that I have.

Elijah, when you can already read this please know in your heart that every second of your growing years my heart is always with you. I love you, now, forever and always.

This entry concludes the 30 day blog challenge. If your interested to read the rest of the posts see them here.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

A person you love

your touch, your warmth
a warmth like yours
i feel your gaze
across a crowded room
you see me and then
they all are just but a blur
as your face meets mine
and all around me everything
melts just with that one look

who needs the world?
because it's you i see
across any crowded room
it's your story i hear
around any noisy halls
it's your warmth i seek
on any cold rainy night
your gaze, your look
your touch is all i need.

Last day tomorrow of the 30 day blog challenge!


Friday, September 16, 2011

A place you love

All the photos here are re-hash of an earlier post that I made titled "Happiness is." (click here to see the entry)

I closed my eyes and asked myself: name a place where you feel most secure and contented?

Our home.

Let me take you to a little tour with my two boys.

That's daddy and Eliboy

Waiting sa elevator

Eli and Daddy under a shed

Walking in the jogging path

Walking parin

Hi cutie, what's your name?

Two chiuauas names: Tikee and Kikee
(they are the best of friends)


Pool again

And yet, another pool shot

This is the other pool nearer to the entrance gate

Pool shot another angle

Pool ba kamo???

Jogging path


Playground again

Entrance fountain


This "Batibot" tree is at the back of our building

Wala lung. Flowers.

Outside facade
I hope everyone does their share and do keep our community clean

Speed limit.
I love the color of this flower.
The humble calachuchi. Bow.

Last two days for the 30 day blog challenge.

Happiness Saturday. =)