Listen, will you?

Friday, September 2, 2011

This is not for everyone. Or even anyone.

These thoughts are purely mine. And if there is someone out there (aside from hubby and sister) who reads this one out of sheer boredom you can pass this one.

There comes a time in someone's life when you think am I really where I should be? Am I really supposed to be doing what I'm doing right now?

No thoughts of regrets here. Every bit of decision that led me to where I am, I am truly grateful. Tomorrow is something else. The future is what matters to me now. I had like an A-HA! moment in the office earlier.

Something gives me the feeling that maybe I ought be doing something else. I told my dear husband approximately 2 minutes ago, what if I just suddenly decide to stop? To end this now?

He said, as long as "wala kang tinatapakang tao" (you're not crushing someone else's future) I will be happy with your decision. I have never been a risk taker. I have never taken a leap just for the heck of it.

Have you ever get the feeling that you're afraid of loosing yourself? I know I sound like I am just asking random questions, blurting out nonsensical thoughts. But I haven't given up, yet.

I know God truly loves me and by some luck, I shall see the road I need to travel with in the next few weeks (or months, that's fine). The possibility excites me to no end. Lead me there, Lord. I promise I will listen.


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