Sunday, September 4, 2011

What you like best about each member of your family

To Roanna, my friend who is doing this with me, let me tell you that I am cheating today’s entry.

I copied the same exact words we (JP and I) have written almost 4 years ago in our wedding announcer wedsite (see it here). All of the what’s written there are still true.

Bride's dad
Daddy Oca is very animated and is always the life of the party. He likes telling corny jokes that only Myka (Bride's youngest sister) frequently gets. There is never a dull moment when Daddy is around. He's a crooner at heart and is a natural entertainer.

Bride's mom
A very caring mom, it seems Mommy Mila has always been destined to be a mom. She always puts other people's need over her own. She's a workaholic, always energetic and she cooks laing so good other people just can't help clamoring for more!

Bride's younger sister
With all the things she's doing and achieving, it will amaze you that she only has one body. Cookie is the hyperactive, super lively sister of the bride. She's always bubbly and forever happy no matter what the weather  is or whatever environment she's currently in.

Bride's younger brother
Kuya Gian can be seen around the house always tinkering in front of the computer or armed with the pencil drawing a masterpiece. He's the artsy-quiet type but also fun to be around. He's got a lot of hidden talents that he can definitely be proud of.

Bride's youngest sister
Ate Myka is usually shy around other people. This is a complete contrast when she's just in the house hanging with her younger brother. She's the family's sweetheart. She's dreaming to be an architect someday.

Bride's youngest brother
Polo is the youngest and the star of the family. He basks in the attention the everyone is showering him. He's funny, sweet, and smart although he talks too much.=) He's very well rounded too (both literally and figuratively) and is definitely a cutie.

Groom's dad
Daddy Peter can make sense out of the very mundane things. He's a deep thinker, a good conversationalist and can give solution to any problems. A health buff, he can always give an advice or two to get you into shape.=)

Groom's mom
Mommy Gay is always looking happy and has a very positive outlook in life. This is the reason why she still looks very young for her age. When she tell stories it's always animated that you just can't help but listen. She has a very caring heart as well and take very good care of her  family.

Groom's eldest sister
The ever fashionista Ate Gengs is the cool and hip elder sister of the Groom. She always looks calm and collected no matter what the situation is. Her strong sense of style and quiet elegance (which the bride hopes to emulate someday) makes her stand out in the crowd.

Groom's eldest sister's husband
Kuya Jem has a very commanding presence and people just can't help but be drawn to him. Maybe because of his jolly attitude or his intresting stories or maybe because he just has a great personality.

Groom's nephew
Kuya Matt is the very cute and lovable groom's nephew. He is as smart as he looks. He is an all around guy, he's good at his studies, he's good at basketball and he basically excels in any game he sets his heart into. More importantly he is a very loving kuya to Tia.

Groom's niece
Definitely Tia has got a start potential. She can give any Viva Hotbabe or any showbiz personality a run for their money when she starts dancing. Blessed with a very cute angelic face and well behaved attitude, she is every parents' dream.

Groom's eldest brother
Kuya Pykes is a hardworking person who set off overseas in Dubai to reach his goals.  He's as hard at working as he is also at playing basketball, which he's very good at.  He exudes confidence and coolness which drew ladies to him in his younger years, but has given up all that to dote on his wife.=)

Groom's eldest brother's wife
Camille comes across as the hip and fashionista wife of the groom's brother. On the outside, she's perceived as smart, confident, and a loving wife to her husband but there is probably more to her than meets the eye. (Note: Ate Camille, sadly left us last December. And although she's seeing us now from heaven, her memories are always with us.)

Love is a symphony of concoctions that transform her to whatever the situation calls for. She can be the advice columnist to her friends where her views on love and life are well sought after. She can be the initially reluctant leader in the workplace who will be suprised later on that she carries the leadership mantle very well afterall. With the groom she can be sweet and loving and fiesty as well which keeps the groom on his toes. But underneath all these well balanced personalities and the Bianca Gonzalez resemblance is a simple homey, wife-material girl taking pleasures in watching TV, cuddling, and coming up with the best carbonara and adobo.=)

JP is quiet, always calm, nonchalant, rarely pulsed about anything, and  tries very much to veer away from any attention. What makes this tandem work is his patience and his ability to always put things into proper perspective. He is resourceful, smart, funny, very responsible, spontaneous and also a healthbuff (like his dad). He is the all around good guy that so many girls out there dream of having (lucky Bride). =)


Bride's Sister's boyfriend
Kuya Keithy, who is one of the patient and driven person one can come across with. His stories and easy laugh make him all the more endearing. He is very dedicated to to his dreams. 

Newest edition: Baby boy Elijah
A very well-behaved and adorable baby who can always perk you up even at your most dour days. He always has a twinkle in his eye that tells you he is up for games anytime. Play peek-a-boo with him and he is sure to reward you with his signature laughs. He definitely the life of the party and everyone in the family is kind of obsessed with him. Hehe.

Click this link to view the original entries complete with our younger pictures hehe. See what I told yah? Everythings still ring true (except for the Bianca Gonzalez-part tee hee).

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