Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your current relationship

I was once convinced that it would just be him and me all the way. Early on, I accepted the fact that a kid might not be around. We were having a great deal of difficulty in conceiving. And do not judge me on my next statement... but during that time of uncertainty, I was okay with that fact. Just him and me. Bumming around in this life, just him and me.

(I love our child to the moon and back. I've realized now how much light one person can actually put into someone's life. Our child Elijah is one lucky miracle that we both get to experience. Everyday I am grateful. Everyday he becomes more and more adorable in my eyes.)

But back to my guy. We were never the hugsy, kissy type. You could leave us alone in an island and we'd be fine. We would never drive each other insane just because we've already known each other that long. We already had epic fights but nothing that lasted more than 4 hours. Several times, we both love becoming two strangers on a foreign land and pretend that we do not need anyone except for us.

I always tell my friends that love is supposed to be easy. It is not complicated. It is as normal and exciting as a sunrise. It is as effortless and extraordinary like a perfect Sunday morning. Love, is not difficult. (By easy meaning, the dynamics between the two of you is both easy and natural. Nothing has to be faked or done with an effort. Things around you can get a helluva’ complicated like problems and wars, aliens, spaceships – I can’t think of a more suitable complications please forgive me. But see, all of these are outside phenomenon. What remains simple and true is the two of you.)

I am taking little steps to become a better wife each day. Not because he wants to. But because he's giving me the boost that I need to keep on growing. Lastly, I am truly grateful that ours is a relationship filled with laughter.

Everyone’s love is a beautiful story. Believe me when I say that ours is not one for the books. It is ordinary. It is everyday. It will not launch a thousand ships. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

To hubby, thank you for the friendship, your warmth and for all the ordinary every day’s we've spent (they were the best days for me so far).

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