Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your celebrity crush

I will keep this short. Frankly because I think the topic is corny (no offense to corns! hehe). And because I can't relate. I never had a crush on celebrities.

Yes. That is very weird of me. Thank you.

Now I have to remember when was the last time I swooned over someone in the movies. I like movie characters not necessarily the actors playing them.

Only one movie comes to mind so far.

Photo source here
Dear Thor, as in will really really faint if I saw you.
Chris Hemsworth in Thor costume, as in! =) 

Oh and before I forget. Jacob! Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy Stupid Love.

Photo source here
I think these two look really good together.

(Wait I might just have the case of celebrity crush on Emma Stone’s character too. Hee hee.)

** I think all the boys in Twilight series are sissies. So. Sue. Me.**

Anywho, my opinion doesn't matter anyway so peace out. :P


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