Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's in your bag?

I'll let you see.

I'm currently using my very old, super overused
black longchamp planettes bag
(I hope my husband gets the cue)

*I change bag every week lang. I don't change bags
everyday to match it with my wardrobe.
I am too lazy and un-fashionable like dut. :P

I have one black borloloy pouch just to keep
things a bit organized inside my bag

Contents: J&J baby powder, mirror, bag holder, 
eyeliner (I can't remember when was the last time I used it)
keys, one container where I put my J&J lotion, paracetamol, 
Burt Bee's hand cream, candy shop lip gloss, face tissue, 
foldable fan, LG Optimus One phone
(super low maintenance)

And I have some other stuff lying around:
Temporary pass ID (I lost my company ID. Fail!)
Wet wipes, USB connector, eye glasses,
M&S wallet, umbrella, alcohol

Diet Aid scent (LOL. Bought this one in echo store
sa Podium Mall. You're supposed to pahid it in your wrist
and smell it when you're craving something
and the craving will go away daw. DAW.)

There's a few more days remaining for the 30 day blog challenge. Come back tomorrow. =)


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