Monday, September 5, 2011

A fun memory

Okay so many many things come to mind right now. But I do not have the luxury of time to do a long post. (I am playing nurse-mommy to Elijah again today. More on that later.) And, I must keep it PG-13 since my mom (I love you mommy!) disturbingly, is one of the very very very very very very few avid readers of my blog. hehe.

Harry Potter is always fun. So let me talk about when I saw the final movie installment. 
(Friends, so many claim that they are the world's biggest Harry Potter fan. I cannot claim that title. But do understand, I like it a whole lot. One of my life goals would be to actually meet J.K. Rowling shake her hand and I could die right there. Of course I exaggerate.)

So since we're parents and leaving home without the baby makes me feel guilty, we had one of those "speedy" dates to mark the occasion.

We were at Shangri-La, Ortigas the moment the guards opened the doors. First screening was at 12:30noon so we took a quick brunch. Let me tell you how it went through pictures. =)

That's me looking very mommy-ish. Blech. Haha.

Meet my very "simpatikong" date.

Tender Bob's interiors: very country.

This was hubby's I think. Rib-eye in medium rare.

This was mine. Rib-eye in medium.

I was "hyperventilating" (no kidding) before the movie started.
I was so nervous that the movie would suck and kill
all my dreams of grandeur. So hubby, kindly suggested
for me to smell the fresh air outside first.

This is hubby: being dorky.

Of course, it was my idea so
I had to get a dorky shot too. =)
And the movie Blew. My. Mind! It was awesome. It was definitely a great ending to the series. I don't care what everyone else think.

Well that's it for now. Tomorrow I will be talking about my hobbies.. I think.

To know about the 30 day blog challenge, read this one.


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