Resorts World Manila First Timer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The hubby and I being the loosers loners homebuddies that we are have never been to Resorts World Manila. Well, yesterday that changed. Because I won in my company's "Appreciating You Day" contest. What was the contest about? All I did was to write an electronic thank you to someone. Then best thank you messages were selected. Winners get 2 tickets to Newport Cinema. Last Saturday, the premier cinema was reserved just for Thomson Reuters employees.

 I wrote my team each, a heartfelt thank you note. Just one liners. Apparently the judges liked brevity because out of the two thousand entries 10 got chosen including mine. I was just a runner up but who cares? (Even Shamcey who is so ultra fabulous was just a runner up. Tee hee. #feelingeraako)

I tried not to take too many pictures because I do not want them to think that I'm a stalker or something. As you know I am a pretty suspicious character. I don't know what's with me. Maybe it's because of my evil laugh or the grenade launcher that I carry all the time. Pero eversince elementary if there was something funny or rowdy that's going on my teachers always suspects  that I'm the pasimuno (mastermind). Carry bells, I survived. Sniff.

So, okay I entered the mall and this is what greeted me. Hello Casino! Walk with me...

Why, hello Bvlgari! I was supposed to shop
inside but I left my cash inside our money vault. Choz.
Casino, lumayu ka sakin.

Loving the cathedral effect.

I loved this open-air effect inside the mall.
Reminds me of Macau.

Quick stop-over to buy a lip balm and
cheek tint (that was recommended by an office-mate)

If I had lots of money, I will not spend it in the Casino.
Instead, I will buy almost everything that The Travel Club
sells and actually travel. I know this will happen soon!!!

Because I have low EQ and couldn't wait for the unlimited popcorn.
I coerced my hubby to buy me these sinful fries and
evil Oreo McFlurry. I will miss these two when I
go on diet starting October. Huhuhuhu.

No, this was not the movie that we watched.
I took a picture, and I was supposed to make fun of it.
But since it's a Sunday and I don't want to be called a hater --
I am keeping my mouth shut. Haha. :P

Thank you Thomson Reuters!
Each tickets costs P500 a piece. Winner!

Relax na relax ang lolo mo.
Super commmmfffy seats. I wanted to take the seats home with me.
The seats can be reclined much further.
I was in lazy boy heaven.

We ate at Mr Kurosawa restaurant. It's a Euro-Japanese fusion restaurant. I have problems with fusion restaurants in general because I just really want my food simple. I do not want my food to be achieving too many things. Life is already complicated as it is so don't bring it to my food. However, since I was craving for Salmon sushi and there were no other Jap restos we settled for Mr Kurosawa.

Overall, taste and service was okay. I wasn't blown away though. The menu (as expected because it is a hip fusion resto) was too complicated and heavy. Literally! Ang bigat teh, para akong nag bench press by the time I decided what my order would be. 

My date

Syet. I'm wearing the same dress I had on this entry.
Meron akong ibang damit promise! Nagkataon lang, hehe.
Uma-angle para di masyadong double chin! haha

Very heavy menu (around 10lbs. ata)

Appetizer: Salmon sushi. Price: ~P288
Yummy and fresh.

Wagyu Ramen: Prize: ~P400
Beef yummy. Soup normal miso lang.

Beef curry rice. Price ~P200
No comment. Medyo forgettable.

Krunchy Tuna Maki: I forgot the price
This is the winning dish. Love love loveeet!

I would suggest to go to this resto just to try this dish.

Movie (Johnny English): 1/5
Movie Experience: 5/5
Food (Mr Kurosawa): 4/5
Overall experience: 10 stars!

I will come back, probably with the rest of my family.

Side story: TR, since they are very thoughtful gave us pa gift at the end of the movie. I opened the paper bag and I was so happy when I peeked inside. I didn't take a picture na because you might be inggit (jealous). It was fabulous. So thank you again TR! I hope to win again. Hee hee.


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