Monday, September 12, 2011

About your childhood

Childhood is pretty much a blurr to me. There was nothing earth-shattering about it. Like if I were to summarize it in five words it would be: sun, books, play, siesta and kuya germs. Wait that was six.

Lemme share to you some snippets of weird / hillarious / silly anecdotes that happened to me when I was still young and very innocent:

True Story #1
Me and my yaya were watching Maalalaala Mo Kaya (TV show, english translation: I wonder if you will remember?) and the story revolved around a person with leprosy. As a young child I believed that was the worst tragedy that could happen to a person. So, I asked my yaya: How will someone get ketong (leprosy)?

Yaya answered, if you are eating on a plate and you're eating squash and chicken and the two touched each other. The horror! I didn't sleep that night worrying what if any of my family member commits this sordid mistake and thus will contact leprosy.

True Story #2
My very first idol as a child was Ms Carmi Martin (yes, of The Dick and Carmi show). One playmate was like bullying me or taunting me for something and I proudly declared: When I grow up I'm going to have the body of Carmi Martin with big boobs and all. I'm going to get rich and famous and I you shall kiss my feet! (I was a weird kid. hehehehe. Only the big boobs and rich part came true. Haha.)

True Story #3
I joined the girl scout in Grade 1. I had visions of grandeur that we will be planting trees, helping out people in the slums, going to mining areas and save miners, get rid of all the trash in the streets, etc. etc. I didn't sleep the whole night because of excitement. Imagine my disappointment when during the first day all we did was to study how to "properly" fold our girl scout scarves! I told my mom I am not coming back to the meeting as it "did not meet my expectations" of saving the world. My mama was so pissed I tell you. The complete girl scout uniform she bought me remained unused until this day. Haha.

True Story #4
Me and my neighborhood friends played "Spirit of the Coin". We believed that the coin was really possessed. We buried it in the back lot of our house. For months I was suspicious of all the coins I was seeing. I would only use paper bills to buy from our suking tindahan. No amount of threat or coercing from my mom could break my resolve.

Some other snippets
  • In grade 2 I was absent for 1 day at school because I had a pimple and I was too embarrassed to go to school
  • My first ever suitor was when I was in grade 1, he gave me a piggy coin bank for Christmas (I threw it in the trash for fear of getting pregnant)
  • In grade 1 my teacher entered me in a Quiz Bee contest. I assumed it was Sibika (because this was the subject I was most good at). Imagine my horror of horrors when on the day of the contest itself I found out it was Math Quiz Bee. I bombed and that ended my quiz bee career.
  • My first dream was to become an SM saleslady or cashier. My mom crushed this dream to bits when she refused to buy me a cash register toy. (Up until this day I still throw a longing look to those cashier toys.)
  • The night before field trips, Christmas parties and class officer election I cannot sleep (because I am very very much excited!!!)
  • My two ultimate favorite shows back then was Baywatch and MacGyver
  • My favorite artist was The Prince

There so much more. But I have no more time haha. I have to get to work now. Let's have coffee and swap childhood stories one of these days, shall we? Childhood is the best. I don't think I will ever did outgrow that phase.

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