Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A hobby of yours

In life I've made a couple of bad decisions. I hit the wrong turn when I shouldn't have. I said a few words (this happens all the effin' time) before thinking. Jumped too soon without testing the waters. Bought some really stupid stuff. Decided too early or sometimes too late. Miscalculated steps and caused me hours or sometimes days of agony. I've trusted too much and sometimes too little. Okay so the point is, I'm human. Mistakes are part of my nature.

One area in life I am perfect though, is cooking. I'm not saying every dish is perfect all the time but all of them come out pretty good. I even amuse myself by this phenomenon.

Bad things could happen: oops I've put too much soy sauce, forgot to put the bay leaf, left the beef too long in the pressure cooker, I didn't measure the sugar, I burned the pasta (true story I tell yah)... what the hey, it doesn't matter because the dishes still come out a-maziiing!

I don't know what's with me and food we just gel. So most of the time when I feel stressed and wrong about life I just go to the kitchen, cook something, and my existence gets validated all over again. Haha.

Fine, fine I know I sound really mayabang (boastful) but you know, say whatever you want, cooking is one thing I am sure I am good at. I get my inspiration from whatever it is that's available in our kitchen. I cook whatever and whenever. I have a notebook of handwritten recipes which I will give to my sister as a gift on her wedding day. (Is that corny or what? Whatever. I think it's the most precious thing I have.)

Must be the genes. Could be the training from my mom. I've been cooking since grade 5. I have shared a few of my cooking adventures in this blog here and here. And I've posted quite a few pictures of my dishes in facebook. Last Sunday, I did a kitchen experiment which I called Spaghetti el Diablo. Haharhar. (Must be said with the "evil" laugh included.) So good you will pee in your pants! Kidding. :P

It was sweet from the fresh tomatoes, herby from the basil, spicy from Indian red pepper flakes and savory from the yummy meatballs. See the picture below and some other pics I grabbed from facebook.

Spaghetti el diablo topped with cheddar cheese

Sweet and sour pork liempo

Crispy cream dory fish fingers
with herbed garlic mayo dip

Herbed roasted lemon-garlic chicken thighs with
rustic potatoes, carrots, red onions and green beans

Lechon Kawali with green mango & red egg side salad

Fusilli in lemon cream sauce with cherry tomatoes,
baby arugulla, broccoli and sweet ham

Homestyle buttered chicken chili wings

Chicken Piccata with parmesan crust
lemon and garlic honey mayo

Autralian Beef T-bone steak and
Spaghetti with chunky tomatoes and sausages

Nacho Grandre with beef, cheese and onion topping

Anyone else out there like me? Please never stop cooking to your heart's (and stomach's) content.

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