Food, food, food (Part 1)

Friday, September 30, 2011

In 7 days time, I will going through 2 - 3 months of very (super to the maximum level) strict food diet plan. The diet plan didn't come cheap and this is already my husband's Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday and 2012 Valentines gift to me. 

The goal is for me to loose 60 lbs. Can you imagine that? 60lbs? That's already another person. If I were to send my fats to school she would be in grade 3 or a very skinny grade 5. Haha. Shame. Shame.

So before torture starts I did what any sane person would do. 

Pig out. 


Call it maybe coincidence or just pure luck. The universe knows of my plight in a weeks time that's why the past 2 weeks were just filled with occasions filled with just so much food. I am doing this now to remind myself during the times when will I feel most deprived (because of my diet)... that I used to have it good (food-wise). I didn't only have it good, in fact I had abundance (too much actually, case in point my bloated self).

See for yourself.

Mary Grace Menu

The centerpiece says:
"The only safe way to destroy an enemy
is to make him your friend."

Interiors: dainty

My date: through a glass wall

My order: Beef tapa (Price: ~220)
So-so. Honestly Mary Grace, there's a tapsi house
at our kanto that sells tapsilog for P40 and theirs taste better.
I just think this one is overpriced based on the quality.

Hubby's: Fussili in aglio olio with chorizo (Price: ~230)
Again, nothing mind blowing.
I can cook this.

Hot white chocolate (Price: P95)
This is the only one that I liked very much.

Grilled ensaymada (Price:~P70)
Owkay kang din. 'Di naman sila nagkakalayo ng Red Ribbon.

My date
Place: Italianni's

Here's me looking weird.
I was sick during this time.
I had severe chest pains and was on SL for two days.

Four cheese pizza.
I like my pizza simple. No frills.

Hubby's fave. Meatball spaghetti.

Double porkchops something

Another shot
 Note: I forgot all the prizes for Italianni's. But I just know it's expensive (for me). If you ask me next time I will just dine in Volare or Bellini's when I'm craving for Italian food. Same authentic flavor at half the prize.

Our favorite drinks.
Mine: Mint choco java chip frapp (which he hates)
His: Green tea frapp (which na uumay ako)

See the name, it says "Anna"
Anna is my Starbucks name. 
They never get it right whenever I tell them it's for Love.
One branch called me "Dove" and another "Jove"

More to follow. There's Serenitea, Lutong Macau, an unknown Korean resto, Sweet Pea, Charlie's Grind and Grill, buffets, Dampa Seaside etc. etc.

My I have been pigging out! WTF.


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