I'm glad I did this: 30 day blog challenge

Saturday, September 24, 2011

 There was a big gap in the middle of the challenge because life got in the way. My friend Ro, was the turning point that got me started writing again.

In the middle of it all I started feeling the whole thing was corny. Haha. Now that it’s over I’m glad, I didn't stop and completed the whole thing.

There were blah entries but like ice cream flavors some entries stood out and became my favorites. Below are the links to the top 7 posts that I liked best.

A recent picture and 15 facts about you: I liked how random the facts were and I'm pretty sure 10 years from now all of the things I wrote down would still be applicable to me.

Something you want to buy: I haven't bought (yet) any of the things I wrote here.

Your celebrity crush: Because I got to call the Twilight boys sissies.

A fun memory: I recalled one of our mall dates watching the end of an era (for me) -- Harry Potter, the last movie installment.

A hobby of yours: Because here I got to make yabang (brag) my cooking skills.

Your current relationship: My attempt to document our simple, down to earth, homey relationship. (This one got included in the Wifely Steps blog carnival. Yay! Proud.)

Hopes, dreams and plans for the future: Here's where I declared that I want to be a full time mom in the very near future. (I think because I threw that wish to the universe, slowly things are lining up for me. This might, in fact become a reality really soon.)

What to post now? Well believe me I have thousands of ideas lined up.

The coming weeks and months are pretty exciting times for me and my family. Right now, “What A Wonderful World” is playing while I type this.

And well, I really do think my life is extra wonderful right now.


Ro said...

Yay for you!

Thanks for sharing the challenge with me. My blog is more active now thanks to you. :) I enjoyed reading your posts and I'll still be one of your avid readers.

And I'm so glad I can comment on your page now. :)


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