30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 13

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something you want to buy

We have an old laptop. It is like an old man slowly dying and withering before my eyes. It can still function yes, although sometimes its quirks (translation: topak) scares me. I am one of those who would only buy something new until the old one crashes. Especially techy stuff. Heck, something new is always coming out so why bother? But this laptop I must replace soon. (Side note: What happens to deleted files? Do they go into oblivion? If yes, what does this oblivion look like? In the vast infinity of space is there a vortex somewhere where all deleted and unused digital files go?)

I babble a lot. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yea, one of these days I'm buying this.

Photo source here

For Eli (ginawa pang dahilan ang anak?!) I want to buy an iPad. Cute lang to see him play with it.

Photo source here

For my husband, I want to give him this. I'll get the high end one (yung may kasamang payong and air-con). Dahil obsessed sya sa mga swiss knife.

Photo source here

And lastly walang katpusang satchel (in "whore"-ish RED). Babaw lang.

Photo courtesy of Chuvaness

Guess what, it's already Wednesday! Middle of the week. Where did all the time go? Just last night I believe Eli grew 3 inches. No kidding! I woke up today and he is longer.

At the corner of my eye I can see him and his dad fighting because he doesn't like the "camote" we are feeding him this morning.

If you ask me, I wouldn't trade this life for anything, dying laptops and all.

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