30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nicknames you have and why (plus Father's Day entry)

My full name is Lumila Aida Lovella

Nicknames I have:

Love: My parents gave this nickname I guess. Majority of the population of people who know me call me by this name.

Bee/Beanks/Binks/Biks: Weird names my husband call me.

Mother Love/Ms. Love: My "anaks" in the office call me this.

Soul bud: My bestfriend Jeosa calls me by this.

Dits: This is how my sister from another mother Kristen addresses me. This is short for "maldita" (translation: mean girl). I call her "maldits" too. PS: We may look like tough cookies but we are actually soft on the inside. :))

On another story, allow me to greet my super bait (except when he is hungry) husband a Happy Father's Day. I hope our baby boy grows up like you. I am so excited for Elijah to get to know you.

Here's what we had this lunch.

Autralian Beef T-bone steak and Spaghetti with chunky tomatoes and sausages

Such a hands on daddy! We love you. Stay healthy and gwapo. :)

This is our actual Happy Father's Day gift 

Happy Sunday! :)

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