In Pain. And Grateful.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last Saturday, I experienced pain far greater than any pain I felt before. I went to a Medicard doctor to ask for a pain reliever because I was… in pain. She saw my expression, demeanor, my pale sweaty face and decided I was an “ER” material already. From ER, they decided to admit me.

Little little kidney stones that wrecked havoc on my perfectly planned weekend. Oh well, just like everything I go through in life, I came out of the entire experience grateful.

1) Grateful I was employed by one of the world’s leading provider of intelligent information – Thomson Reuters. Our company’s health benefit rocks and because of that I was treated like “the Queen” in Medical City.

2) Grateful to all the kind staff, nurses and doctors. I have long admitted that I do not have the stamina to work in a hospital setting, even though I am a licensed Physical Therapist (I shall expound on this in another post). That’s why I truly admire all the people who can. Your dedication is something.

3) Thankful that Medical City, has very high tech equipments. Nagsasalita ang CT scan machine! Parang robot lang. Very shushal.

4) Grateful to my in-laws. Papa, Mama, Kuya Jem, Ate Chengs, Sofia and Ben. Super nice Sunday dinner. See below.

5) Thankful for the nice view outside my room. Lush green trees. I love.

6) Grateful to my mommy and 'tita ninang' Cookie. Thank you for taking care of Elijah while I was away. Methinks na-spoil nyo sya ng konti (Ang dami na nyang bagong drama after 3 days palang. All of it endearing.) Thank you for loving Eli as much as I love him. My mommy's love for Eli is bordering on obsession na tee hee. It’s very cute. :D

7) Because you never left my side. Thank you hubby bubby.

To my kidney stones: I shall get rid of you na. I will eat healthier, avoid caffeine like the plague, and drink super lots of water.

Lastly and most important, for keeping my family healthy and safe, thank you God.



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