30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The meaning behind your blog name

Note: I was supposed to post this last night but my laptop died on me. So I slept nalang. Hehe.

Today is my seventh entry in the 30 day blog challenge. Today is also Elijah's 7th month birthday.


Seven always reminds me of Jaworksi. And 7-11 stores. And being lucky. Anyhoo. Back to my topic. Kekekeke.

The blog name "The Things I Love" is pretty much self explanatory. I have said that I always have opinion on everything. Not just so-so opionions. I always have strong opinions on anything. (Kahit ano pa yan: taho, movie, philosophical concepts, people I know, people I don't know, etc... Tagalog translation: epal. Haha!) I am an extrimist. I am a fan of polarities. No such thing as neutral or in-between for me. Either I love you or... I love to hate you. Hence, the name.

I think that applies to me as well. People always either hate my guts or love me for what I am. I am the most transparent person I know. I squeal with delight when I love you and I am happy for you. I make faces if I don't like you. And this is not because I want to be mean. I just don't have the power to hide my emotions. I am just so out there. I make huge gestures. I talk loudly. This is the reason why some people see me and there's an instant dislike. I don't blame them. And I don't really care. I have an awesome family. I have very close friends whom I treasure and because of them I am really contented na. I have no intentions of running naman for President so carry lang. :)

Now to another story. Eli's 7th. It is both funny and amazing how your little traits and quirks can creep their way into your child. At 7 months, I am beginning to see some of my and JP's characteristics kay Eli. Oh my! Kakaaliw. Haha. Trouble. :)

Some picture of our handa today. I am a sucker for celebrations talaga. I am corny and sentimental like that.

Safari Cake by Sweet Home Bakeshop

Tinamad na ko mag effort so I asked my mom to cook sotanghon with canton. Yummy.

Beef kare-kare

Aanhin pa ang kare-kare kung walang Barrio Fiesta bagoong?

Birthday boy with daddy and mommy

Family picture (supposed to be wacky shot)

Picture with wowo and wowa (Eli is more interested sa glasses ni wowo)

Natanggal na nya ang glasses ni wowo

Picture with cake

Picture with dad

Justin Bieber watch out for your next competition! :)

I love! Happy 7!!! :D


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