30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite TV shows 

Today is one of those days when I do not feel like blogging. It's not pure laziness. But today feels like I am not myself.

I have a lot of thoughts and most of them does not sound hopeful, funny or witty. Something’s bothering me and I do not want to impose it on anyone who might come across this entry because honestly, there's already too much negativity around and I do not want to add some more. Trust me, tomorrow I shall be back to my neurotic, corny self. 

And hey, today is just the 3rd day of the 30-day blog challenge. I can't stop blogging everyday just yet.

I rarely get to watch TV. If I do it's mostly because I want to be updated with the newest television commercials. And if I do watch, the show will most likely be: a) Reality TV shows, b) US TV sitcoms & c) Cooking shows on the Lifestyle Network.

Here they are:

Reality TV Shows

Project Runway
*As previously stated: I want to be a fashionista but fashion does not love me back. I like seeing the creative process to the final product.

America's Next Top Model (pronounced as "mow-del")
*I like looking at the pictures. I've watched all the cycles. On all the cycles my favorite lost.

The Amazing Race
*I hope to join this someday. (Wish ko lang.)

The Apprentice
*I know if I join this, I will win. (How hambog am I divah?)

US TV Sitcoms

How I Met Your Mother
*Barney. Is awesome. Is legendary.

*I watched this way back when I was in high school. They made me laugh.

*I've seen all episodes. I can relate.

Cooking Shows

The Iron Chef
*I only watch the food tasting part. I like torturing myself.

Barefoot Contessa
*I know if I win the lottery (which is next to impossible because I never bet) my house and my garden will exactly be like hers. I get most of my food inspiration from her.

Everyday Italian
*She makes Italian cooking look easy. Plus she's pretty.

Tomorrow's entry will be more interesting for me. I am passionate about books.



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