30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

Monday, June 13, 2011


This word reminds me so much of food and the first trimester of my pregnancy last year.

Right now, if I really dig deep into my soul what I’m really craving for is a very long vacation with my boys.

Either here.

Disneyland Hotel, Hong Kong
 Or here.

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Long vacation meaning not less than 2 weeks the very least. I want to lounge and not care about the world. I want to sit still and not think of any next agenda, or to-do list, or responsibilities.

Vacation aside,  I am also craving to regain my youth. Not just my old physique and beauty (walang kokontra blog ko to! Jejejeje.) but I also want to get my old endurance back. When I can walk nonstop for 8 hours in Divisoria, when I was able to party till wee hours and still function like a human being the next day, or do 10,000 activities during the day and still sleep soundly that night without any body aches and pains. Sometimes I do feel like I am the oldest twenty something (fine, late twenty something) I know. But, it’s not yet too late I know.  I shall recover from this slump you’ll see. (Walang sinabi si Vina Morales at Carlos Agassi sakin by the time my Bikram yoga sessions are over. Haha!)

Of course I cannot write about cravings without discussing food. I have lots of food cravings.

If calories do not cause bloating of the hips. I shall eat this everyday:

Uncle Cheffy’s Baby Back ribs fall-off-the-bones BBQ

I can eat one pail (isang baldeng) McDo Shaker fries.

I have been craving for the best Hainanese Chicken ever since I came back from Singapore. I have eaten lots of this already here, but nothing compares to the one I had in SG. (Thanks Marvs and Resie!)

Nakakasira ng buhay ang sarap ng cake na to:

Conti’s Mango Bravo

And I pretty much love everything from this restaurant. 

Lastly, I forgot my name when I devoured tasted this buco pandan from Nathaniel’s.

My food cravings change from day to day. I also like Shakey’s pizza Bianca, Andok’s lechon manok, my mom’s inihaw na liempo, dampa seaside shrimp tempura, red velvet cupcakes from Sonja’s and Selecta Reese’s ice cream.

Grabe na this is torture. Nagdi-diet pa naman ako.

Tama na nga. I shall go back na nga in eating my carrot and celery sticks. Char! 

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