Sunny Sunday at Milky & Sunny, Kapitolyo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hehe, sorry for the lame post title. Totoo namang sunny e at Sunday din! #explain

Sharing lang ito friends not an actual review. I can't say I want to rave about the place but I will not discourage you either. I mean, this is just my experience. You could have a completely different experience or taste kaya if you're thinking of trying Milky & Sunny I would say today is as good as any day to try it out.

I gravitate toward restos that serves comfort and breakfast food. One of the restos na super binabalik balikan namin ni Jp is really Pancake House. We're easy to please. His is Salisbury Steak while mine is their pan fried chicken. We always (MUST) have their cheese waffle for dessert. Ayan staple na yan samin and we've been in the quest for more breakfast homey restos. While I am at it... Whatever happened to Heaven n' Eggs? That place used to be cool eh?

Oh well, but I digress. Long story short, although I cleaned my plate I don't think we're coming back anytime soon. Okay naman sya, but just okay. Yah know what I mean? It just didn't blow me away. Or maybe we just ordered the wrong food? But anyway, I have a funny story later in the middle so please read on.

After ng Mass, we got super hungry. We were contemplating on going to IHOP but realized it's too far from PICC where we heard Mass. Since we live near Kapitolyo and after me reading some stunning reviews about this resto whilst the hubby was driving we decided to give it a try.

This sign will great you.

And here's me (sans make up - bagong gising effect) and hubby na kakulay ng pader.

Here's the funny story: hubby's order was the big breakfast where you can choose 3 from any of the following - bacon, sausage, hotdog, spam, and corned beef. He wanted sausage sana kaso out of stock daw. So he contemplated on getting the corned beef. I asked ate waitress: "Ate what kind of corned beef do you use?" I mean I don't know what I was expecting right? Well, siguro naisip ko baka homemade or  "Batangas cow po, tapos we make in house" yung tipong ganun. Ate answered: "Yung Purefoods po sa lata." Hehe. She was so honest. I love it. 

K fine. Di ka natawa? Ok lang. Hehe. :P

Anyway moving on. Hubby chose: hotdog, spam, and bacon. The big breakfast platter has hashbrown, egg (choice of sunny side up or scrambled), garlic rice (which you can either have toast or bagel). Cost: P270. I tasted everything on his plate. I love the hashbrown. :-)

I got their Hamonado Longganisa (P130) with garlic rice and egg (again you can either choose scrambled or sunny side up). Their longganisa was delicious! Plus the egg was nice and fluffy.

Sweets. Strawberry Milkshake (P140). Yummy also. Sorry I know I should be more creative in describing this. Hmm... It tastes more like a sherbet than a shake. Which is a good thing actually. Very strawberry tasting.

Strawberry cream cheese pancake (P170). Their pancake is thick and fluffy. Mas fluffy nga sa pancake ng Pancake House. But I can't say that I liked this better. We didn't even finish this. Bihira lang yan ha usually PG kami when it comes to dessert. Naumay ako sa sobrang dami ng heavy strawberry syrup. It would be better if they just use real strawberries.

The service was quite slow. Maybe they were understaffed but there were only a few of us eating that time so I'm not sure why. But I liked the ambiance of the place. I took more photos below. Try it out if you're fond of breakfast food. Skip the pancake and maybe just order the chicken & waffles. :-)

Milky & SunnyPasig

East Capitol DrKapitolyo, Pasig(02) 654-2049

Challenge Completed: Ultimate Wingsanity

Monday, October 7, 2013

This is one proud wife moment. My husband has conquered Ultimate Wingsanity 2.0 challenge! Haha!

Okay I need to give a little back story here. Sorry masyado lang na excite. Hehe. Okay the hubby is obsessed with all things spicy. The hell-hath-no-fury-spiciness level. He likes hurting himself that way. He came across a blog post bragging about conquering the Ultimate Wingsanity challenge by Buffalo Wings n' Things.

So off we trekked to Ortigas home depot so hubby can try apparently the spiciest wings in the metro. Me, I am happy to settle with a basket of fries and the kid-friendly garlic Parmesan wings. Which were yummy by the way. Oh but let me tell you about the evil spicy wings.

The Ultimate Wingsanity wings meal is under the "Waiver Required" section of the menu. You literally have to sign a waiver before you can consume the wings. The flavors Gangnam Style, Total Wingsanity, and Ultimate Wingsanity have a Scoville Heat Unit measurement of 650k, 750k, and 850k, respectively! It is likened to eating one tablespoon of siling labuyo - raw. All spicy evil goodness - if you dare.

The challenge is to consume the Ultimate Wingsanity in five minutes without drinks or ice cream. Once completed you will be given a certificate of recognition. Plus they will put your picture on their 'Wall of Fame'.

Okay so eto na, as a form of motivation I was psyching the hubby: 

Me: Bee, meron sa wall of fame mga babae. Quite a few of them. (Actually isa lang). Tapos bee, meron din dun Grade 6 lang! (In reality I'm not even sure kung Grade 6 sya or maybe payat lang sya at mukhang bata hehe)

Okay so anyway I think it worked because hubby put his game face on and thought of a strategy na. He separated the bones from the meat before starting. This would mean faster consumption and lesser time for the spice to spread in his mouth. Also, he ate the meat part first before the skin which is where the concentration of the hotness is located.

Ang ending: Cool na cool lang si hubby. Akala mo cotton candy lang kinakain e! Haha. Exxag. But really true talaga promise si ate waitress kept exclaiming: "Si sir parang wala lang! Cool na cool lang si sir!"

This further boosted hubby's ego at pinanindigan nya na ang pagiging cool as a cucumber nya. Binuhos pa nya yung mga natirang dripping ng sauce from his plate to ensure na matikmam nya yung todong anghang. Here he is: 

Ayan sya sinisimulan na ang kalbaryo nya.

He separated the meat from the bones and consumed all the white meat first.

Finishing the last few morsels na nakadikit sa bones. Exterior cool na cool. Internally, ayan o, labas na ugat sa noo! Lol.

Ayan! Challenge completed! Pulang pula. 

Kering keri lang daw hee hee.

Here he is getting his picture taken after consuming half a pound of wings with 800,500 Scoville Heat Units! Yey baby!

PS: This New York Cheesecake ice cream is the best! Plus it is perfect for those who just finished consuming the wings from hell. Haha. 

Go na try mo narin!
Buffalo Wings n' Things
Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot, Pasig City

Thoughts on Social Media

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three people influenced me to write this post. My husband, Topaz Horizon (a blog I frequently read), and a friend in Facebook.

Let me tell you first what each of them thinks before I tell my thoughts around this. Hubby is ever so worried about the culture around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and that it perpetuates materialism and vanity and that it might ultimately rub off on our kids as they grow up. He asked me if we should "ban" our kids from creating a facebook account all through out their highschool life? Would this be fair to them? Would this stop some of the possibly negative effects that social media has to influence them? 

Topaz Horizon fears that social media makes you crave for attention. It's like you have to ask people to like you. And how sometimes it affects your self-esteem negatively of nobody "liked" your posts. How it makes you want to beg people to like your choices in food, clothes, travel destination, and so on. Will it make your choices less enjoyable if no one else think that they "like" the food you're eating at the moment?

A friend posted in Facebook said that social media promotes a culture where we all feel like celebrities, "me-attitude", disregarding the opinion of others or even those who are currently in an unfortunate situation. She also states the issue of lack of privacy which used to be treated as a vital aspect of a person's life.

These are only three perspective from three different people. I'm sure you have a say around this topic also and I'm sure  it is equally important. I am not here to address any of the points above. To me all of them made a valid point. But will that stop me from engaging in social media activity? No. This blog alone is a testament that I like to share. For whatever purpose I do so is something I need not make anyone understand. What I do through various social media vehicles is something that I do just because. If you interpret it as being materialistic, boastful, shallow it is up to you. On the otherhand, if it made you smile, say my picture of freshly baked cake or cookie inspired you to bake as well then it's all good.

I have the capacity to always embrace change. I have long accepted that social media has forever changed the dynamics of people's relationship and our culture. My husband's concern is perhaps something that rings closest to my heart because it involves my kids. But you know what regardless of the choices they make, I trust in the kind of person that they are. That regardless on how the world sees their actions deep within I know they will be good people. Social media or not good parenting is still the best tool against any changing times.

Parenting and letting them know God. That in the grand scheme of things we are who we are because of God's love.

I guess my message is that of acceptance. Even if a person shares so many things through social media I still believe that that is merely a tip of who they are so let's not judge and just enjoy the ride. 

Anyway that's what "hide in newsfeed" or "unfollow" feature is for. :-)

Sana Dati: Not a Movie Review

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hi my name is Love. And movie dates for me are composed of eating out at any new resto in town plus seeing a Hollywood blockbuster film or sometimes (super rare) the husband gives in to a Star Cinema formulaic rom-com (konting konti lang yang napanood naming Philippine movie around 3 or 4 and no hindi ako nagpapaka defensive lol).

Anyhoo, wala pa as in wala pa akong napanood na Star Cinema movie na hindi bumaba ang IQ ko after watching it (except OTJ but then again that's not rom-com). No offense (pero alam naman nating ma-o-offend parin ang mga Star Cinema die-hards haha) - oh well. Blog ko to. So shoo. The Mistress tried. Tried but still failed. I mean who the F says those lines in real life? Tapos John Lloyd delivering lines in straight English pero halatang minemorize. Oh shucks. I must shut up. This blog entry is not for those rants. Pero eto na last na talaga. Yang My Amnesia Girl. Pinuno ng Post-It ang buong kwarto. First thing that came to mind was shet sayang sa trees! Stalker ang peg! Sinong maglilinis?! Who the hell has that free time? If that was me hindi ako kikiligin baka nag walk out ako at pabayaran ko sa kanya yung pag papa repaint ng kwarto ko e. LOL 

What I hate is how rom coms screw up real everyday love. That there always has to be grand gestures just to show someone you love them. Na dapat mang-hassle ka ng mga kabarkada mo or people at the airport just so you can have one brave declaration of love. Hindi ka ba mapupulmunya nun pag nagsayaw ka sa ulan?

Love in reality is found in the ordinariness and being able to stand by your decision to exercise constant small acts of kindness no matter how simple they may be. That conflicts and deep hurts are not resolved through one big dramatic confrontation and shouting match. It is through constancy and companionship. Your decision to be steadfast amidst some challenges along the way. 

For Jp and I, love is through the quiet conversations that we have before sleeping on how our day went. It is through marvelling how God has been so good to us. And in sometimes me choosing not to say something anymore because I know it will be hurtful to my husband. Or my husband's patience when I am just about to loose it.

Don't get me wrong. Love is still supposed to be fun. No issue being romantic loveydovey but really why does it have to be glorified in the movies all the time?

So now to my topic. The credits were already rolling. And snoot and silent tears were still pouring like buckets. Never has a movie affected me this much. Not because the actors were in tears urging me to cry with them. It tugged me in a powerful way because of the deeper layer that the movie communicated to my heart. The smallness of the emotions. That emotions are not meant to be found in just poetic loud dramatic confrontations. That love expressed through tentative gestures and open abandon are still equally evocative.

The movie is perfectly cast and acted out. The soundtrack is amazeballs. I shall stop talking about it now because it is quite obvious that I do not know how to do a proper review. But go watch it. This moview is a rarity.

A rarity that we must support to somehow make a statement. That this movie is an art. It hides more than it reveals. But you'll see yourself one way or another through one of the characters. And what it hides and reveals is something really really beautiful.