Food, food, food (Part 2): Chatime vs. Serenitea

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Milk teas are the new craze. Well some will argue and say it's not so new. You can't argue with me because I have been living under a rock this past few months. With the baby and all, I lost touch of the world. Now, material things are beginning to worm their way into my subconscious and I am starting to get curious again about stuff.

Let's do a photo blog shall we?

I decided to try Chatime with hubby one Saturday when we went to the grocery to buy spaghetti ingredients.  

The buzzer thingamajigg that vibrates when your order is ready.
So sushal!

The harassed staff. So many the people ordering.
Mabenta, in fairness.

My shadow. I am wearing an Indian dress
given by my good friend from Mumbai.

Mine: Pearl Milk tea (70% less ice, 100% sugar): Yummy
His: Taro milk tea (70% less ice, 100% sugar): Mas yummy

Interiors: Girly

I can imagine sorority kikay girls having their meeting here.

One lazy day in the office I suddenly shouted, out of the blue: Who wants Serenitea?! What followed was far from the the word "serenity". I was soo stressed because I was the one who persuaded harassed asked people to order and the drinks were delivered two hours late! People were supposed to be leaving na for their homes but were forced to stay because we were waiting for our order.

We placed our orders via City Delivery. We are in Taguig. The orders came from Robinsons Place, Ermita. Imagine the travel. Imagine the traffic. I did not get mad at kuya delivery. I pity him because so layo pa pala. All the while I thought the orders were coming from the Fort Bonifacio branch. (facepalm moment!)

See we waited na for kuya at the reception area because
daddy Alf and Joyce (still smiling) needed to go home na.

Cindy: Senitea first timer.
According to her: "Acquired taste daw."

She's my partner in crime at the office.
Jen, showing off her drinks.

My order: Wintermelon (100% sugar, 25% less ice)
Serenitea, you gave me so much stress
but it was worth it. Come to mama.

The verdict: I choose Serenitea over Chatime. But that's just me. I have a sweet tooth kasi. And with Serenitea I can really taste the brewed tea. There's a punch. I am set to try Happy Lemon next. Maki-uso lang. Go ahead, try na rin! =)

Part 3 tomorrow! Unknow Korean Resto, Dampa, Charlies and Sweet Pea


i♥pinkc00kies said...

Havent tried Serenitea but I love Chatime-- taro red bean or taiwan mango qq :)

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