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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mga gerls, boys, mothers, bekkis, friends, whathaveyous: Sorry for the lack of post. I have said to my friend Ro, that the reason I'm not blogging is because I don't do sad very well. 

Why ako sad mga mare? Nasa starvation/deprivation mode ako right now. Lahat nalang bawal. :P

Ang goal sa akin ng aking very "severe" doctor ay goal weight na 105 lbs.  Yes, true. It can be done daw. So long as I follow this very strict diet torture regimen for about 2 -3 months. Weh. But yes, I believe kaya friends in 3 months time nalang tayo mag reunion okay? I shall be a new "me" then. Hehe.

So of course, my come back post has to be about my current and forever obsession: my son, Elijah. I would like to share the products he uses, to maintain that uber cute-ness of his. Haha. Read on and maybe you can share yours too! I would love to hear them.

R: Avon hypoallergenic baby wash (top to toe)
(He uses this on days when he will go out. Love the scent. Very clean.)

L: Avon hypoallergenic baby lotion
(This one naman he uses everyday. Ever since he was a baby.
That's why na associate ko na ung smell na to with Eli.
It has a very mild, clean, baby scent.
I really recommend these two.)

Sansflou toothpaste (safe to swallow), strawberry flavor
Pink Pigeon 12+months tootbrush
(I know it's pink hehe. Na color blind ang mommy while buying. :D)
Drapolene cream
(I put this sa kanyang butt after bathing. No rashes! Promise.)

Classic: J&J baby bath.
(This is what he uses for body everyday.)
J&J Extra Conditioning
(Elijah has super curly thick hair. This shampoo works like wonders.)

Cetaphil: for Eli's fez
J&J Bed time lotion
(Every night we put this on him and
that signals him na he's about to sleep na.)
J&J Safety swabs
(Also good is the Anion safety swabs)

Zwitsal Power
(Just for his butt. hehe)
Zwitsal Cologne
(I only put this when I remember.
Otherwise, just the lotion and baby smell OK na OK na)

(From Indigo baby. To keep mosquitos away. Effective!)
Mother's Healing Balm
(From Ory Spa. Uy, galing din ng product na to.
All around boo boo balm.)

We use either Nursy or Giggles wipes.
Either one that is available almost same quality
and they are the cheapest in the market.

Thankfully, my son is also very low maintenance like me. Waley masyadong gastos. I hope it continues until he's much more older.

That's it mga mothers. I will be more active now in this blog. Promise yan.

Happy happy happy weekend! =)


Ro said...

I'm getting gift ideas for his first birthday. :)

earthgirl said...

Haha! Oo nga no. =) Not intentional but pwede nga!

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