No Other Woman and Life Lessons :D

Monday, October 3, 2011

I, again relentlessly harassed pleaded my husband to watch this movie with me. He wanted to watch this fight movie called the “Warrior”. Bleyatch. Just the title "Warrior" already sends me to comatose of boredom. So using my female hypnotic charms (yun o!) I was able to finally convince hubby.

Verdict: Friends, throw your logic off the window and just enjoy the ride. It is a whole lotta’ entertaining. I liked how glossy the film looks like (pang mayomon! translation: for rich people!). The acting is campy. Derek's cry looks like he’s always about to vomit. Anne C.'s lips are characters on their own. I liked Christine's acting best, with her award dead pan cry and plastic smile. Award! Cat fights I love, love, love. I kinda' feel sorry for the actors though because I think they believe that they are in a drama film (with the way the tears are outpouring) but the viewers (full packed cinema on a Sunday late night showing— ka ching ka ching star cinema!) seem to think otherwise. People are laughing even though the musical scoring and the tears are telling us that it is a drama scene.

Life lessons:
- No matter how pretty your face is, nude lipstick will make you look like a cancer patient.
- If you need so much stress in life, then cheat!
- Affairs are only fun at the beginning, after that it is stress all the way.
- Love makes you do crazy things.
- Guys find it hard to resist girls in a bikini.
- So married women, wearing bikini is a must too.
- The drama that affairs bring to your life is not worth it.
- Wife: do not become a bore. Develop other hobbies beside crocheting.
- The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach but... there are other "short-cuts". :D
- Humans are ruled by emotions. So NEVER toy with people’s emotions. Someone is always bound to get hurt.

Great stress reliever. I urge you to make pilit your hubby, gay friends,  girl friends and boy friends too.

Disclaimer: Do not watch the trailer na below because it gives away the entire plot already. Jejeje. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Wag pahuli sa uso friends, watch na! ;)


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