Our advance birthday gift for Eli

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friendships it really was not my idea to buy it. If you know me I am very kuripot (read: frugal) (read: wais na mommy).

He asked me one simple question. When was the last time we bought Eli a toy? Napaisip ako dun. Most of his toys are really just gifts. He has a toy chest that's already overflowing with toys mostly from his grandparents and loving tito and titas.

K fine tara lets buy even if it's 3.8k. May discount pa naman because it was SM Megasale at that time.

Here is his new toy:

And here is the dad na super excited mag set-up even if it was already 12midnight by the time we arrived home.

Ang ending ganite-chi.

Di na kinaya ng powers ni JP. :P

Note: Sorry na sa kalat ng house.
Parang binagyo lang ang peg.
We road tested his car the very following day.

Eli and dad

Sa sobrang excited namin we forgot
to put slippers on him. Hee hee

Anlapad ko dito friends, bow.

He likes his bubbles very much.

This other cute baby boy is also named Elijah.
He wanted to take this new toy car for a ride too. :)

Mom: Eli, let's pose with your new toy.
Eli: Mom, I have better things to do. :P

In fairness, mukhang action star si Eli here.

Overall enjoy naman ang baby boy. He is very curious sa kanyang surroundings. I think my baby got that from me. 

He's turning one year next month. In about two weeks time. Wah. Panic mode.

It's bring the baby to the office tomorrow / trick or treat. Will surely blog about that. =)


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