Sweet and Sour Dreams

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have been cooking a lot lately which means: I am stressed a lot lately. My preoccupations ranges from the exotic Thai and Indian based curry dishes (very sosyal sounding I know!), the fiesta staple beef ribs caldereta, the ever homey and dependable (1 week in the ref and still tasty) twice cooked adobo. Which brings us to today. I want you to know how today’s dish was decided upon.

Me: I will cook today. What you want?

Hubby (H): (thinks for 2 minutes) Hmm.. something fish?

Me: Nahh.. we just had fish, plus it’s Saturday so let’s treat ourselves and have something meat. What you want?

H: Okay! Gourmet tokwa’t baboy! (I do this pork thing where I mix it with tokwa then oyster sauce and he calls it gourmet LOL)

Me: Don’t you want something sweet and sour?

H: Yay! Sweet and sour meatballs nalang.

Me: No not giniling. I have something else planned for that.

H: (a little hesitant this time, thinks) Sweet and sour liempo?

Me: Wow! Ang galing mo. How did you know I wanted to cook that? :D

Anyhow, after that nonsense introduction let me just say that all great cooks every now and then have to start over while cooking. So I was following the recipe exactly. I was doing the sauce part. I misread the measurement for cornstarch. It was supposed to be teaspoon. I’ve put tablespoons. I was stirring my concoction and it was looking more and more like a martian vomit (like if say there’s people in planet Mars and they vomit – I hate it when I explain my own jokes eheheh).

I threw it in the sink. Sabi na nga ba I was more of the eyeball-er cook. As in I hate it when I have to measure stuff. So I start over. Followed my instincts nalang. When I was putting in the soy sauce nabuhos ko pa. But, that is the beauty and magic if you’re a great (make that excellent) cook: everything still comes together in the end. Thing is our maid forgot to cook additional rice. So rice: fail but sweet and sour pork belly ala Chinese Restos: success!


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