Family Fun Day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I used to hate attending family fun thingies before I got preggers. I used to hate insensitive, well meaning friends and acquaintances:

Insensitive: Oi! Buntis ka na?

Me: Naku, madam di pa po.

Insensitive A: Ang hina nyo naman!

Insensitive B: Darating din yan relaks lang!

Insensitive C: (Does not speak in return, but instead holds my hand squishes them, and look at me with pure pity)

Urgh! How I hate those three types! But, now I have Elijah. The center of my universe. So, carry na for me to attend those gatherings haha. But I still promise never to become any of those insensitive types. Now to a very important point.

Why do parents dress their children like wh*res? I mean, I know I sound so mean. But come on parents: children are only that young for a few years. Give them a break and DON’T dress them up in adult looking sl*tty dresses, high heels & make-up! And the dance. They dance like a-go-go dancers (I just revealed my age hehe).

Me: Ang arte nitong bata na ito. Ang sarap kurutin sa singit.

Hubby: Ang sama mo. Don’t be like that.

Me: Okay, I will keep my mouth shut. I-ba-blog ko nalang.

Wanted to post picture of the very young child na weird yung outfit kaso she might grow up and stumble on this blog someday. (Feeling). So, here is a shot nalang of another young girl whom I found so cute. She was much to shy to join the games so she ended up just watching from the sidelines with the rest of us adults who were also busy people watching.


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