Our Little Bookworm

Friday, February 25, 2011

It’s 4am in the morning and maybe I have better things to do. Instead I realized that I am looking at my dear baby’s picture for the nth time. Come to think of it, is there something else better to do than this?

I blink and my baby seems longer. I blink and he can now suddenly hold his head steady. Then he’ll start eating solids. Then he’ll start walking. Then school. Then new friends at bigger school. These thoughts swell my brain but goes straight into my heart saying: I better not blink.

Every baby is precious. Ours in my unbiased (hehheh) opinion is extra precious and adorable.

He laughs generously like his mom.

He looks with kind understanding likes his dad.

And he is a bookworm like his parents!

What more could a mommy ask for?


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