Touched by the Master

Sunday, February 13, 2011

He is an Australian but he rides the jeepneys, he never uses a car or a cab to go anywhere. He spent 12 years in Hong Kong and he knows of places here in Manila that I’ve never been to (Balintawak, Monumento, Cainta, etc.). He came to our house, all two big bags and him. He has needles, incense, TENS machine (google it if you do not know – no time to explain ehehe), extension cords, a vibration thingy, a host of herbal medicines, he is a walking acupuncture clinic. He told me many, many, great stories. Like how doctors are just in there for the money, what is wrong about the entire hospital system, his plans to set up a wellness clinic in Coron, his family, his life, his teachers, his patients, on how he doesn’t have a day off, raising bi racial children, profound and deep truths about his practice BUT what blew my mind is that he commutes! He goes from one patient to the next by walking (gasp!), riding jeepneys (ohmy!), buses (faints!).

Whatever that gives him the stamina to do his job 7 days of the week, I want one! The passion, the commitment, the strong will, those calves and back it must be aching by the end of the day. But he moves with such lithe and grace that it makes me realize, I am just too darn lazy and that I am not using my muscles enough haha. Anyway back to my husband’s treatment. He has backaches and sore feet. To summarize the session:

Husband: I felt I shortchanged him. Do you think I should have given him a tip? (We paid P1500 for the 2.5hrs session + herbal medicine)

Me: I think you did. He even went here!

Husband: Yeah, kakaibang feeling pa naman. Pagbalik nya nalang sa next session.

Me: Yes, oo nga bigyan mo sya ng tip ha. Bee saan ang Balintawak? Malapit ba yun sa Quiapo? ;)

Try him out. Sifu Jen Sam. He was fascinating and I cannot wait for my own session next week. He has facebook. Look him up. Now.


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