Rolling Over Just in Time for Our 3rd Month

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am a very competitive mom I must admit. I think all first time moms are. I obsess about one detail and research how other babies are. I was thinking will my baby roll over in time? While in my office shuttle on my way home I called my baby's yaya.

Yaya: Love, si Eli gumugulong na!

Me: Ha?

Yaya: Gumugulong gulong na sya. Tatlong beses na.

Me: Ay ganun! (happy then half sad because I failed to be the witness of this 'first')

30 minutes later I got home. Baby is on our bed. He saw me. I believe that he recognized me because the moment he saw me he rolled over. To me this is the true "first roll over". The earlier ones were just his practice roll overs. He saved the best one till I got home.

I know I would say this over and over in his lifetime, so let me declare now. Elijah, you make daddy and mommy proud over and over again. Thank you for making us happy witnesses of your awesome growth. Love you.


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