Happiness is.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My apologies if I will sound morbid on a bright sunshiny Sunday morning. My goal is exactly the opposite. Earthquakes are everywhere. But the world is just too beautiful. I do not need to look too far because I know that I live in a beautiful community. I hear birds chirping every morning. Clear vivid smiling faces of cute little kids are ever present whenever I look outside our balcony. So the world cannot simply be falling apart.

Here's why I love living at our place.

Whenever it's bright and sunny we always take Eli for a stroll:

I get to meet the friendliest dogs any day:

Elijah likes looking at the clear blue waters and he believes that he can drink all of it:

Nice people going about their daily lives:

Simple things like these takes my breath away:

Thinking Elijah will grow up in this place make me happy:

I have the nicest neighbors too who also adores Elijah.

I will never trade this feeling for anything. Contentment. So please Lord, keep us safe and healthy. That is all I will ever ask.

Some senseless side story to distract you from the seriousness of this post.

H: Bee, may gwa-gwa!

Me: What's gwa-gwa? That's in Pampanga no?

H: Look it's a gwa-gwa! Yung sa horror story ni Kris!

Me: That's called bagwa! And no that is not a bagwa.

H: Don't pick it up. We might be exterminated isa-isa.

Me: See here look, I am touching it. And it is not a gwa-gwa nor a bagwa.

See for yourself.

Happy Sunday! :)


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