On a Warzone

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I read blogs to make my life more interesting. I blog to make my life seem interesting. I do not have any cohesive thoughts now. So let me just bombard you with random snippets in my brain at the moment.

-         My baby is getting heavier. (Bad news for me and my hubby’s back. Read: Ouch!)

-         My cab driver yesterday was listening to Metallica and he knows all the lyrics to their songs.

-         Will 4 kilos of baked macaroni and cheese enough to feed 20 people?

-         I want to start reading Nancy Drew once again.

-         I do not want to be late for this Saturday morning’s check up. (Eli always ends up as the last. Kasabay na namin sa pila mga med reps. Hehehe)

-         Why am I suddenly addicted to Reese’s peanut butter cups? (Have you tasted Selecta Reese’s ice cream? It is DIVINE! You will never get enough of it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

-         I want to give my mommy a gift. Just something to let her know I love her very much.

-         Sometimes, my husband wants to test my patience. He annoys the hell out of me just to witness my breaking point. Then he will text me: Galit? Duh?

-         When should I give our maid another increase? My mother thinks I should give her na because she’s very masipag.

-         My back hurt after getting a home massage last night. It doesn’t even hurt before I got the massage. Dang!

-         Elijah is turning 4 months tomorrow. He is becoming more and more good looking everyday.

-         Today’s office was a warzone.

More on the warzone. Read: I am super human. I like to go to work on some days. Most days I would just like to stay at home. But, I go to the office anyway. Because I have an obligation. Because I know I have to. And just because I have principles. If I hate my job so much, it still wouldn’t show. I would leave my job not for any other reasons besides the fact that I want to move on to the next chapter of my life. I will not leave due to bitterness. Or spite. Or hatred. And until my last day expect me to be professional. That’s as far as the ranting goes.

Thank you very much void for listening to my not so struggling struggles.

Just saying.


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