How I turned 30.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Why it took me so long to post this I don't know why. Maybe denial. Maybe just pure laziness. Maybe, just maybe I'm so darn busy.

Turning 30 is quite a big deal for me. Mostly, because I never expected for 30 to feel this young. I mean I can't be 30 yet, can I? (See still in denial? Jejeje.) But I just have to blog how fabulous it was my passing of the decade. If I look back, the most significant thing was that I formed some pretty kick-ass relationships. With my family, colleagues, my team, friends and extended relatives. Now I know why I feel this young.

I didn't have time to arrange or edit the pictures so let's just look at them as they happened in chronological order. How I turned 30 at the office. Then I turned 30 again in The Farm at San Benito. And for the 3rd time, I turned 30 again with my family.

Because my colleagues are sweet, they got me a sweet cake
(My favorite promise: Mango Bravo = calories galore)

Because my Team is even sweeter
they gave me Harry Potter complete DVD series.
I almost fainted with happiness I tell you!
(Obvious naman sa picture how happy I was right?)

Because our stomach was growling we stopped over
at Hapag, Filipino Restaurant.
They served us giant tilapia and Bulalo
that could feed an entire basketball team

The Farm's welcome fruit.
It has mangosteen which made me overjoyed.

The ornate door entrance plus the "fatty" me.

Of course, you know how I like to plan and organize stuff
so I planned our entire stay.
(Complete with logistics and schedules.)

Our little cute hut.
The little door at the side leads to the banyo.

This was the snacks during the afternoon high tea.
So sushal!

So many infinity pools there.
We didn't swim though because we are very sawa na sa pool.
Yabang namen! Sorry na!

My husband's attempt at wildlife photograpy.
National Geographic series part 1

Out attempt at a candid shot.
Parang di ko bet.

National Geograhic series part 2.

That's me reading the book:
"Greatest Speeches that Changed the World."
Serenity. Peace. Yun na.

The secret lagoon
(which is really not so secret).

National Geographic series part 3.

Pretty flowers.
(Andami kong pictures ng flowers promise!)

This is me, after our Purifying Treatment.
See my glowing skin?
See my frozen half dazed look?
I loved the treatment.

Salad for dinner: Me.

Puttanesca for dinner: Hubby.

They gave me birthday cake. Sweet.

Closer shot of the cake

Breakfast: fruit plate

Breakfast: frest fruit salad with yoghurt dressing.

Breakfast: Cereals with coconut milk

Breakfast: Tofu omelette (soooo yummy!)

Breakfast: Cocoa pancakes

Literal na green tea
(dahon nga!)

Day off shot: me plus hubby

Wala lang. Hehe.

Day off shot part 2

We had this nung pauwi na.
This Liam's lomi. One of the best tasting lomis I've tasted.
So. Worth. Every. Calorie. =)

Then I had a small party with family.
Where I served buffalo wings and chilli dog. Hehe.

My "lusis" candle

My cake is very me.

The best birthday gift of all.
Elijah learned how to walk just in time before
I turned 30.
I love you anak.
Ang pogi mo. Manang mana ka sa tatay mo. =)

There. Now when Eli asks how I turned 30, all I have to do is to show this blog. If blogs still exists in 2030. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself again.



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Nice nice nice, dits! What a way to celebrate being fabulous at 30! :)

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