What ever happened to blogging?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a quick post to let my two (hubby and my sis) loyal readers know that I am not closing shop. This blog is still alive. I am still alive. My ideas are still alive. My wit and humor is still alive. (ehem, jeje).

So what ever happened to blogging?

Life happened. I got a life!

A super busy-hectic-fun-filled life that is. 2011, you've been kind. 2012, I'm pretty sure we're going to have a rockin' great time too.

Some quick update before we go back to regular programming.

1) For the first time in my life I was able to follow a strict diet regimen. I am now almost 40 lbs lighter.
Larry (of Pinoy Biggest Looser) lang ang peg!

2) Elijah can walk now. This means endless stress for me. We are constantly running around the house with him.

3) My son's official first word: dirty. (He keeps hearing this from everyone. "Elijah no! That's dirty!". From Conching: "Estop putting dat into your mouth, that es derty!")

4) I am turning 30 next week. I cannot help but feel agonizing pain in the pit of my hallow organs. On the other hand, thank you Lord I reached this age!

5) I have a shoe business now. More on that later. (Trivia: My first ever business was an ice cream store called Sugarush. The shoes I am selling now are called Sugarfree.)

6) Oh and I have to say: "Well, hello there clavicles! I missed you!"

Did you miss me? I certainly missed being missed. So please say you do. Okay fine, I don't care. I will be back to blogging my heart out whether you like it or not.

Mother Love


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