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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I read somewhere that our bathroom shelf could be the most dangerous place in our household. That is because of all the toxic chemicals that might be present in the stuff we are using for our skin, hair and nails.

Hence, I resolved to go more organic this year. I admit I am not yet there. As you read in my post
here, majority of the product I use are still over the counter. I will try to finish all of them, and then moving forward not get lured by advertisement, or to pressures of nice salesladies so I could go organic all the way. :)

I initially thought that organic products would mean more cost. That is until I came across the website of
HumanHeart Nature. Now, I must say I am addicted. I have tested a few of their products here and there and I am more than happy with the results and the affordability.

They use only natural and organic ingredients to produce their products.

The company is a brainchild of Anna Meloto-Wilk, Dylan Wilk and Camille Meloto. They are the daughters of Gawad Kalinga Tony Meloto. In a way you are helping their advocacy too as this is also a social enterprise. They employ Gawad Kalinga residents.

I strongly recommend their baby shampoo and body wash (the Tangerine flavor smells so great on my baby's skin). Another great product (which is getting rave reviews) is their Sunflower seed oil. Their moisturizers are light but I must admit needs a bit of reinforcement from my usual night and day cream (my skin is really, really dry).

During weekends I love to pamper my hair using avocado hair mask. Minty and super relaxing. A cheap, alternative way to pamper yourself rather than going to the salon. I have only started using their shampoo and conditioner last week so I do not have any opinion on that yet. Do try their feminine wash, guaranteed that it will not irritate even those with the most sensitive skin. Their tinted lip balm is also very good!

I think with all the toxic scare looming everywhere, it's good to be picky with the products we buy. And more importantly, the best products out there don’t have to be the most expensive. Sometimes all it takes is a little research. :)

In the next few weeks, hubby and I plan to go on a little trip to
Ilog Maria in Tagaytay that sells organic stuff from honeybees. I will update you in that one too.

(You can buy them from the website, Shopwise, and distributors. My friend Kate is one. Hi mare!)

Some products of Human Heart Nature in my shelf now. There were some na I was not able to take a picture anymore because it's in my son's kikoy kit which I got tamad kuhanin. Hehe. Trust me though when I say, I am one very satisfied user. :)


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