Finally, Antilop High Chair from Ikea

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elijah has always been on the thin side. We had a hard time transitioning him from breast to the bottle. And now we are struggling to transition him from bottle to food. His pedia said that he can only drink milk twice a day.One in the morning and another before sleeping. And I'm thinking lagot, lalo nang papayat tong anak ko.

Thing is, aside from champorado (sweet chocolate porridge) he's not interested in food at all. Taking it from Mommy Fleur's blog, a high chair might be the answer to this dilemma. I know, I know, why buy Eli a high chair only now?

Initially, I thought wala syang masyadong use. And I was looking at the high chairs in the malls and my gulay wow, ang mahal! After much research (in other words, mommy blog reading), I saw that Antilop high chair from Ikea is the cheapest and most practical thing in the market.

For one, there's no cloth component you need to wash. Everything's made of plastic so wash, wipe, and sanitize and you are good to go.

It's not bulky, looks quite chic (considering it's only around P900+), and has that minimalist feel.

The down side is, there's no Ikea here in Manila. Here's where your lovely friends will help. The Harassed Mom (she's a good friend, hello dits!) from SG helped me on this.

Elijah tried on the high chair yesterday. I will let Elijah do the talking through pictures. =)

(Note: Sorry na sa gulo ng bahay namin. Parang binagyo right? Just look at the cute baby in the picture and ignore the kalat. K? K?)

Is this chair really mine momma?

Hmm.. let me inspect it...

Oooh! I like it!

Where's my food momma? I am hungry!

Really orange? Just orange?

Can you give me other food besides this?

Yehey! My favorite Loacker biscuits!


Munch , munch. Do you want some?

Ooops finished it already.

I think I like our purchase, for the price I think it's sulit. =)


avagabondmom said...

yay! eat more, Eli! painumin mo ng propan dits. yan din problem ko kay audrina before. hihi good luck sa eating adventure!

Ro said...

Very cool. :) I love IKEA. I do wish we had it here. I would go there everyday.

Well, looks like Eli loves his chair. :)

Gilda Macuha said...

Hi Sis! Nice post. Where did you get the Ikea High Chair and how much? TIA!

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